Hello June! // Editorial

A new update a little later than usual, but it’s finally time for my favorite month of the year: June! It’s my birthday month, which makes me still as happy as when I was a little kid, and there’s an absolute ton of amazing things happening these upcoming few weeks. After months of careful and slightly obsessive preparing (color-coded lists and a glitter-sticker system were involved), everything is finally happening and slowly but surely becoming reality.

The first super exciting thing to happen in June is my birthday! I’m turning 21 this week, which makes me both feel very old and still super young all at the same time. I love birthdays, because there is cake and presents and drinks and buntings and more cake, but also because of their slightly cheesy sentiment. Gaining another year does make me stop and take in the moment. I’m turning 21, I’m done with university, I’m in the middle of moving house and I’m currently living in my nearly empty dorm room – so much is happening at the same time it makes my head spin. But amidst all of the craziness, I do get to spend one day just eating a lot of cake.

Then only two days after my birthday, it’s time for my graduation! In only a few days time, I’m graduating from university and I simply cannot believe it just yet. It sounds terribly cliche, but I do feel like the past three years, and especially my last semester, just flew me by. Even though Im already moving out of my dorm room and I don’t have classes anymore, I don’t really feel like my time at university isn’t over yet. I think that only during my actual graduation, when I’m handed the diploma and I can actually feel the weight of three years of work in my hands, I’m really done.

A week after graduation, it’s already time for my first weekend music festival of the year: Best Kept Secret! In-between packing, moving and graduating, I’m already preparing for the festival and you can follow every step of my extensive preparation process on Almost Famous Writer, including a list of weekend essentials and an upcoming list of beauty essentials, clothing packing tips, and a list of what’s in my festival bag (spoiler alert: it involves a lot of glitters).



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