Peter Lindbergh @ Kunsthal, Rotterdam

I don’t go to museums very often. When I was growing up, my Mom took me on a day trip to Amsterdam to visit the Rijksmuseum and look at some of the greatest paintings ever made. We travelled for 2,5 hours by train and walked across Amsterdam to get to museum and the entire afternoon, I marveled at the greatness of the building, the incredibly … Continue reading Peter Lindbergh @ Kunsthal, Rotterdam

Cuisine Machine 2016 // Festival Review

Maybe you’ve noticed the bright yellow posters hanging all around Middelburg or perhaps you’ve read Yonna’s recommendation here at Tabula RASA, but last weekend Cuisine Machine took place. One of the biggest food truck festivals of the Netherlands popped up in the Machinefabriek in Vlissingen, an industrial landmark situated right in the harbour. For three days straight, the Machinefabriek transformed into a nirvana of food, … Continue reading Cuisine Machine 2016 // Festival Review

A City Trip to Lille // Photo Diary

A little while ago, Boyfriend and I decided to go on a spontaneous trip together. When planning our little holiday, we looked at places all over Europe, but we couldn’t really find anything. We knew we wanted a city, but way smaller and more quiet than London or Paris, so in the end we decided upon Lille! The city is located in the north of … Continue reading A City Trip to Lille // Photo Diary

A Roman Holiday // Photo Diary

Last week, Boyfriend and I celebrated my birthday in Rome! He had planned the whole trip as an early birthday present and it was perfect. We walked around the ancient city, ate tons of gelato, avoided many guys selling selfie-sticks, enjoyed the hot weather and spend much time eating pizza, pasta and panini’s. Join me as a look back on our Roman holiday! // Villa … Continue reading A Roman Holiday // Photo Diary

Winter in Bruges // Photo Diary

To celebrate our one year anniversary, Boyfriend and I went on a city trip to Bruges, Belgium. We picked this little town because it’s supposed to look magical during Winter time, with Christmas lights twinkling everywhere. With its canals and bridges and old houses, Bruges is like the Venice of Belgium. Join me as I look back on a magical three days… We took the … Continue reading Winter in Bruges // Photo Diary

Christmas Market in Saarbrücken // Photo Diary

Last week-end, I travelled to Saarbrücken, Germany, with my friends Anouk and Friederike, to visit Lisa. While we were there, we visited the Christmas market of Saarbrücken, with all its delicious food (Flammkuchen! Currywürst! Pretzel! Crêpes!), its traditional drinks (Beer! Glühwein!) and its twinkling lights. Join me as I look back on an amazing week-end with my friends! Traditionally for German Christmas markets are Lebkuchen, … Continue reading Christmas Market in Saarbrücken // Photo Diary