EDITORS @ HMH, Amsterdam (2015) // Photo Diary

For my 19th birthday, my family-in-law gave me a really, really amazing present: a ticket to go see Editors performing at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam. That was in June and several months later, it was finally time to go see one of my all-time favorite artists performing. Editors is band that I have seen performing a couple of times, both at festivals and … Continue reading EDITORS @ HMH, Amsterdam (2015) // Photo Diary

Kovacs @ ZNF 2015 // Photo Diary

Mysterious, powerful and intriguing: Last Monday I went to see Kovacs at the Zeeland Nazomerfestival in Middelburg, The Netherlands. Known for her single “My Love“, a dark and intense shadow play, Kovacs is a young and ambitious singer-songwriter from Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Her music is inspired by soul and dark, melancholic pop and knew how to allure the audience at Zeeland Nazomerfestival. Scroll down to … Continue reading Kovacs @ ZNF 2015 // Photo Diary

Metropolis Festival 2015 // Diary

Three music festivals in a row: it is kind of die-hard. We are tired, sun-burned (some of us tanned…) and a little bit closer to permanent ear damage, but we also experienced three amazing, funny and incredible festival week-ends. It kind of started to become a routine: festivalling in the week-ends, working during the week. After we came back from Down The Rabbit Hole, we … Continue reading Metropolis Festival 2015 // Diary

Down The Rabbit Hole 2015 // Photo Diary

I think I can safely say that, out of the three music festivals boyfriend and I visited over the past three weeks, Down The Rabbit Hole was the best, the longest and the most tiring of all. In the midst of my post festival depression, look back with me on another amazing festival week-end, with hipsters dancing to Iggy Pop, loads and loads of pregnant … Continue reading Down The Rabbit Hole 2015 // Photo Diary

Best Kept Secret Festival 2015 // Photo Diary

Last week-end, I discovered Best Kept Secret Festival 2015. The verdict? Everything was as good as everyone said it would be – if not better. Join me as I look back on a great week-end with fantastic music (Royal Blood! Sohn!), heavenly food (cheeseburgers with pulled pork!) and an amazing festival site (beach! trees! lake!). Friday June 19, 2015 // DRENGE Our festival opener: Drenge. … Continue reading Best Kept Secret Festival 2015 // Photo Diary