Moving Masters #3 // Decisions, decisions…

One of the most important yet scary parts of getting a new apartment and moving house would be the part where you have to make some pretty serious decisions. Either you have to make them on your own, which requires quite some independence and confidence, or you have to make decisions together with other people, which in turn ask for some discussion and compromising. No … Continue reading Moving Masters #3 // Decisions, decisions…

The Honest Hour #11 // Moving Out

Yesterday I moved out of my student room. Even though we had already moved most of my stuff and I had already moved in our new place in Rotterdam, yesterday was the day I┬áreally moved out of my student room. Already as I was walking up to the flat from the parking lot, I saw that the rooms which first had housed my friends were … Continue reading The Honest Hour #11 // Moving Out

The Honest Hour #10 // My 21st Birthday!

Yesterday I turned 21 years old! Amidst all the craziness of graduation week – with all the parties, snacking, galas and practice walks – I celebrated my birthday. To commemorate this festive event on Almost Famous Writer, I looked back on the year since my last birthday and I listed exactly 21 highlights, including a lot of festivals, trips, press visits, finishing university and moving … Continue reading The Honest Hour #10 // My 21st Birthday!

Hello June! // Editorial

A new update a little later than usual, but it’s finally time for my favorite month of the year: June! It’s my birthday month, which makes me still as happy as when I was a little kid, and there’s an absolute ton of amazing things happening these upcoming few weeks. After months of careful and slightly obsessive preparing (color-coded lists and a glitter-sticker system were … Continue reading Hello June! // Editorial

The Honest Hour #9 // Happy Birthday Almost Famous Writer!

Happy birthday to… me? That’s right, Almost Famous Writer is celebrating its second birthday today! On May 13, 2015 I published my very first article on this teeny tiny corner of the Internet and today, two full years later, I’m still writing, editing, photographing and publishing. Back in 2015, I had nearly completed my first year of university, I had an office job and was … Continue reading The Honest Hour #9 // Happy Birthday Almost Famous Writer!

Moving Masters #2 // Visiting Open Houses

Once you have successfully plunged into the seemingly bottomless pit of dorms, rooms and apartments offered on rental websites, and graciously navigated your way through them, it’s time for the next step. The second installment of the Moving Masters series is all about that: visiting potential success stories. An apartment will always look different the pictures than it does it real life, so always make … Continue reading Moving Masters #2 // Visiting Open Houses

Hello May! // Editorial

Hello May! I’m both happy and nervous that you’ve finally arrived. Happy, because with every passing month I get closer to the most exciting things of the year: Summer, music festivals, graduation, my birthday, temperatures high enough to wear skirts with bare legs, moving in with Boyfriend, et cetera. But also quite nervous, because it also means I have so much still left to do. … Continue reading Hello May! // Editorial