Story Saturday #5 // Beach Walk

I’m staring into the inside of my eyelids. “Can you see it?” Beside me, Adam nods. I can hear him laugh, as soft as a whisper. “Yeah?” “What do you see?” “Erm… I see.. Seagulls.” Feathers flutter all around us. Adam’s shoulder presses into mind. He breathes in and out. In. Out. In. Out. “I can see the sea,” I say. “And the beach.” “Is … Continue reading Story Saturday #5 // Beach Walk

Story Saturday #4 // “Still life”

Sometimes I wish I could paint. A brush in my hand, a white, empty canvas in front of me. It would be just like writing songs. I would start with a feeling, translate that into an image, a situation, and erase until everything rhymes and sounds perfectly. Painting would be just like that. Applying a thick layer of paint on the canvas. Soft touches, like … Continue reading Story Saturday #4 // “Still life”

Story Saturday #3 // “Bedtime Stories”

I remember the day I met Adam. Five years ago. My grandfather died that year from a heart attack. He was in the hospital. It was raining that day. My grandmother was nobody but herself when my grandfather died. She sat in a comfortable chair in the hall. Her back straight. Her face clear-cut. My aunt brought her tea and sugared waffles from the vending … Continue reading Story Saturday #3 // “Bedtime Stories”

Story Saturday #2 // “Strangers”

“Can I call you her name?” Her sister looks up. She looks like her, he thinks. Not exactly, but more than the girl in the 24-hour supermarket and the girl in the car. “How many girls said ‘yes’?” He did not wait for an invitation before he sat down beside her. Her sister had the same shadow crossing her face as she looked away from … Continue reading Story Saturday #2 // “Strangers”

Story Saturday #1 // “Starry Night”

Do you think, that there will be stars afterwards? That when you close your eyes and shut the door behind you, there will still be light to extinguish? I think there will be, because I need the starry night to let you go. They are memories. Shining, pulsating and brilliant memories. The stars are the dreams you can no longer hold. The dreams you have … Continue reading Story Saturday #1 // “Starry Night”