Cinema Club // August 2017

These couple of weeks are full of trips for me, and for some not quite inexplicable reason, trips are always filled with trips to the cinema. This month’s cinema club includes the best action-packed blockbuster of this Summer, “Atomic Blonde” (2017), an informative and heartwarming documentary about cats, “Kedi” (2016), and Christopher Nolan’s new masterpiece “Dunkirk” (2017). // Dunkirk (2017) Every time director Christopher Nolan … Continue reading Cinema Club // August 2017

Moving Masters #3 // Decisions, decisions…

One of the most important yet scary parts of getting a new apartment and moving house would be the part where you have to make some pretty serious decisions. Either you have to make them on your own, which requires quite some independence and confidence, or you have to make decisions together with other people, which in turn ask for some discussion and compromising. No … Continue reading Moving Masters #3 // Decisions, decisions…

Music Menu // July 2017

Settling into a new house and a new city can be quite a challenge – cleaning up those last boxes with stuff, making sure the house is ready before your grandparents come to visit, then keeping the house clean, et cetera. But with your favorite music playing in the background, it suddenly becomes so much more enjoyable. In times of change I often turn to … Continue reading Music Menu // July 2017

Cinema Club // July 2017

With moving to a new city comes a period of discovery: how to get to the supermarket, how to work public transport without ending up on the other side of town, where to eat the best cake and, perhaps most importantly, where to go the cinema. Luckily for me, Rotterdam has multiple cinemas scattered all over the city and with my new Cineville card, I’m … Continue reading Cinema Club // July 2017

The Honest Hour #11 // Moving Out

Yesterday I moved out of my student room. Even though we had already moved most of my stuff and I had already moved in our new place in Rotterdam, yesterday was the day I really moved out of my student room. Already as I was walking up to the flat from the parking lot, I saw that the rooms which first had housed my friends were … Continue reading The Honest Hour #11 // Moving Out

Concert at SEA 2017 – Friday // Festival Review

Radio Eliza combines modern beats with old-fashioned guitar noise On the Umoja stage, the “discovery place” of Concert at SEA, is Radio Eliza playing in the warm sunshine. Just before the start of the concert, a couple of young fans are already loyally waiting, bright yellow CAS caps on their heads and smartphones camera-ready in their hands. Slowly but surely the square in front of … Continue reading Concert at SEA 2017 – Friday // Festival Review