Beauty Essentials // Music Festivals 2017

After a very busy, but incredibly fun, birthday and graduation week, it’s time to come back to the real world and take a look at my calendar. There, marked with some classic glitter tape, popped up another event for next weekend: Best Kept Secret! The music festival slightly creeped up on me, which now results in crazy listing, packing and preparing – a slightly obsessive … Continue reading Beauty Essentials // Music Festivals 2017

The Honest Hour #10 // My 21st Birthday!

Yesterday I turned 21 years old! Amidst all the craziness of graduation week – with all the parties, snacking, galas and practice walks – I celebrated my birthday. To commemorate this festive event on Almost Famous Writer, I looked back on the year since my last birthday and I listed exactly 21 highlights, including a lot of festivals, trips, press visits, finishing university and moving … Continue reading The Honest Hour #10 // My 21st Birthday!

Hello June! // Editorial

A new update a little later than usual, but it’s finally time for my favorite month of the year: June! It’s my birthday month, which makes me still as happy as when I was a little kid, and there’s an absolute ton of amazing things happening these upcoming few weeks. After months of careful and slightly obsessive preparing (color-coded lists and a glitter-sticker system were … Continue reading Hello June! // Editorial

Music Menu #5 // May 2017

With the arrival of June comes the arrival of a brand-new Music Menu! This month is a strange mixture of Oscar and the Wolf’s new single, some Eurovision Songfestival classics and a great new podcast. These few weeks give me enough to do, with a lot of fresh new music on my playlist. These are five musical highlights from May! // Oscar and the Wolf … Continue reading Music Menu #5 // May 2017

Weekend Essentials // Music Festivals 2017

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that I love planning. Every Monday I love to sit down and plan out my week, I’m intrigued by the phenomenon of meal-planning and one of the best things about going on a holiday is to plan everything beforehand. With the music festivals slowly but steadily coming up, it’s time to put my planning skills to the test. Last week … Continue reading Weekend Essentials // Music Festivals 2017

Music Menu // Albums To Listen To When Studying

Usually Music Menu installments happen at the end of every month, but this time make we’ll make a little exception. At the moment, I’m in my last week of university – still shocked about that realization – and my days are filled with studying, finishing projects, designing academic posters (how academic is one’s academic poster when the main color is a bright pink?), writing essays … Continue reading Music Menu // Albums To Listen To When Studying

Festival Overview // Music Festivals 2017

Every good study starts with a clear and concise overview of the subject. A lay of the land, if you will. In this case, it’s a short and sweet list of the six biggest Summer music festivals of the Benelux, including Pinkpop, Best Kept Secret, Down The Rabbit Hole, Rock Werchter, Concert at Sea and Lowlands. Find out the basics of every festival, from the … Continue reading Festival Overview // Music Festivals 2017