“It” (2013) – Alexa Chung // Book Review

I find myself in quite a contradicting situation these days. On the one hand, I’m busier than ever, with school and Tabula RASA up and running. But on the other hand, I’m more lazy than ever, when it comes down to my extracurricular activities. After a long day of lectures, meetings and magazine stuff, I usually don’t really feel like reading the great literary works … Continue reading “It” (2013) – Alexa Chung // Book Review

“The Girls” (2016) – Emma Cline // Book Review

When we were at Best Kept Secret, we spent a great deal of time in the Volkskrant Secret Garden. The garden was situated right behind Stage Two, hidden behind trees and full with picknick benches, homemade coffee and issues of the Volkskrant lying around. My Mom pointed out an interview with a young writer, who got a 2 million dollar book deal to write three … Continue reading “The Girls” (2016) – Emma Cline // Book Review

“The Girl On The Train” (2015) – Paula Hawkins // Book Review

  A while back, everyone was raving about this one book with the plot twists to end all plot twists: “The Girl On The Train”. Last Fall, I had already put Paula Hawkins’ debut novel on my To Read list (as you can read right here) only I hadn’t got around to reading it until the last couple of weeks. The novel is being adapted … Continue reading “The Girl On The Train” (2015) – Paula Hawkins // Book Review

“M Train” (2015) – Patti Smith // Book Review

Patti Smith is much more than just the author of this beautiful book, “M-Train”. Before anything else, she is an icon. Smith is a musical artist, combining dark and abstract poetry with punk, rock and folk – resulting in the classic album “Horses”, which was released in 1975. In 2012, Smith published her first memoir, titled “Just Kids”, which was highly critically acclaimed. Apart from … Continue reading “M Train” (2015) – Patti Smith // Book Review

“The Rosie Project” // Graeme Simsion (2014)

Last week, I published a post about books I wanted to read this summer and “The Rosie Project” was one of them. This book had been on my “To Read”-list for quite some time, but I never really got to reading it. Fortunately, I spent the last couple of days in the woods, where I had plenty of time to read and enjoy this marvelous … Continue reading “The Rosie Project” // Graeme Simsion (2014)

“On Top” // Anna Nooshin (2015)

*”On Top” by Anna Nooshin is written in Dutch, but this review is written in English* Anna Nooshin might not ring a bell, but NSMBL surely must. In 2011, Anna started NSMBL, what is now one of the most popular online magazines in The Netherlands. From the latest Kardashian developments and videos of cute pandas to new fashion trends and celebrity profiles: NSMBL keeps its … Continue reading “On Top” // Anna Nooshin (2015)