Music Menu #5 // May 2017

With the arrival of June comes the arrival of a brand-new Music Menu! This month is a strange mixture of Oscar and the Wolf’s new single, some Eurovision Songfestival classics and a great new podcast. These few weeks give me enough to do, with a lot of fresh new music on my playlist. These are five musical highlights from May!

// Oscar and the Wolf // “So Real”

Earlier this month Oscar and the Wolf released their new single, titled “So Real”. It’s a little slower and darker than their previous single, “The Game”, but still has an air of mystery and sensuality – perfect for those hot Summer nights.

// Salvador Sobral – “Amar pelos Dois”

My Mom and I religiously watch the Eurovision Songfestival every single year and the month of May marks a new edition full of glitter costumes, douze points and musical variaties. This year’s winner, the Portugese Salvador Sobral, brings a beautiful, touching and elegant ballad which is still on repeat in my little household.

// Lily Pebbles & Anna Gardner // “At Home With…”

Besides music I’ve been all about discovering podcasts in May. “At Home With…” is created by Youtubers Lily Pebbles and Anna Gardner and every episode they meet with someone from the beauty/lifestyle industry, including make-up legend Lisa Eldridge and Glamour UK editor-in-chief Jo Elvin.

// Oh Wonder – “Crazy In Love” (BBC Version)

Possibly the best thing about Fifty Shades of Grey are the retakes on Beyoncé’s classic “Crazy in Love”. Although not affiliated with the film, the latest take is one by Oh Wonder. It’s a very relaxed, intimate and catchy version, which functions as the perfect early morning soundtrack.

// Triggerfinger – “Game”

This probably beautifully illustrates how diverse and all-over-the-place my taste in music is, as we go from Oh Wonder’s calm tunes to Triggerfinger’s dramatic and loud screeches. My parents’ new car does not have an aux input, which means we’re going back to listening to Cds on the road, of which Triggerfinger’s By Absence Of The Sun is one of them.



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