Weekend Essentials // Music Festivals 2017

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that I love planning. Every Monday I love to sit down and plan out my week, I’m intrigued by the phenomenon of meal-planning and one of the best things about going on a holiday is to plan everything beforehand. With the music festivals slowly but steadily coming up, it’s time to put my planning skills to the test. Last week the Almost Famous Writer music festival guide was kicked off with a neat little overview of the biggest music festivals of the Benelux, and today the campsite planning commences. As a true music festival veteran, I have listed 10 items that are essential during a weekend music festival and will make your campsite experience just a little better.

// portable charger

Although I would highly recommend spending more time actually experiencing the music festival instead of spending all your time on your smartphone, it can be kind of essential to have a fully charged one. In case you lose your friends, you want your phone charged and ready to call for a meet-up. Or if you want Snap your favorite band, or take a quick Instagram of the festival grounds, you do not want the battery of your phone to let you down. I would recommend this portable charger from NeoXeo to keep your phone charged at all times. Additionally, you can also use this charger to recharge your camera!

// campsite chair

Something that I never used to bring to a festival campsite, but always end up borrowing from someone else, is a foldable chair. They mean seem like a hassle to take with you, but this one from Quechua is very light weight and surprisingly comfortable.

// flashlight

One of the things that is super important but often forgotten during the packing rush, is a flashlight. At a festival campsite, there are usually a few really big lamps in order to light up your way to your tent, only inside the tent, it’s completely dark. Of course you can use your the flashlight on your phone to find stuff in your bag or the zipper of your sleeping bag, but a phone battery is precious and you want to preserve it. That’s where you’re flashlight comes in! I would recommend the Quechua flashlight, because you can easily put it up on a hook in your tent and light up your night.

// sleeping materials

Something I could absolutely recommend would be the Quechua Sleep’in Bed Camp. It’s your air mattress, blanket and pillows all in one bag! Although it is a little heavy to carry from your car to the campsite, I would say it is worth it. You have all you need to sleep in one single bag, which means it takes up less space in your car and you have to carry less bags to the campsite. The mattress is on the flat side, which is something you have to be comfortable with, but it does sleep very comfortably as the blankets are from a very soft material. And when you come home again after the festival, you can simply wash all of the sheets and fabrics, to get the bed camp ready for the next camping outing.

// breakfast

In case you wish to save money during a weekend music festival or if you are on a budget (students, I hear you), one thing I could recommend saving money on is breakfast. Usually the festival grounds don’t open until noon and although there are usually stands on the campsite selling breakfast, there are usually crazy long lines and the food can be quite expensive. Instead, you can bring your own breakfast from home and save a bit of money. Of course you can go all out, bring all your cooking gear and prepare some eggs and bacon, but you can also just bring bread or breakfast bars.

// portable speakers

When you’re setting up camp or just relaxing before heading to the festival grounds, it’s nice to have a little bit of background music. If you’re camping neighbors are cranking up the heavy metal or blasting Justin Bieber, use this little Bluetooth portable speakers from Urban Outfitters to play your own music.

// tent

When you go to a weekend music festival, perhaps the most important item you need to pack is a tent. Popular amongst festival veterans are Quechua tents in all the shapes, sizes, colors and special editions they come. Perhaps the most popular of them all is the 3-seconds version, which you simply have to throw up in the air, watch it unfold itself, and then then put into position on the camping ground. However, in my experience they’re a little harder to fold up (unless you have a secret talent for it, like yours truly) and they’re a bit funny to transport, as you carry them on your back like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle kind of way. Personally, I can highly recommend the Quechua Fresh&Black Arpenaz tent for 3 people. It’s super easy to set up, very small for transportation and it is designed to stay cool during even the hottest of festivals.

// book

When you’re finally done setting up camp, or just relaxing a bit before heading to the festival grounds for another busy day, it’s nice to take some chill time and read a nice book. Settle down in your awesome Quechua camping chair, grab a nice drink and some snacks, and relax with a good book.

// foot pump

Something you really shouldn’t, but often do, forget, is an air mattress pump. There’s little that is more annoying than when you have finally selected your ideal campsite spot, put up your tent, drank some fruity drinks, and then you realize you can’t set up your air mattress because you forgot your pump. So, make sure to bring one with you! If you want to continue with the Quechua theme, they sell some great air mattress pumps for those in need.

// water bottle

Water is essential in life, but especially during a weekend music festival. In general, make sure to drink enough water when you’re at the festival ground, but also don’t forget to do this at the campsite. To prevent you from walking to the bathroom stalls or the campsite supermarket and pay way too much, bring your own water bottle(s)! The possibilities with a filled water bottle are endless at the campsite: you can cook up some fresh coffee and/or tea, clean the pans you used to cook breakfast, brush your teeth, quench your thirst, do some washing up, et cetera. The one pictured above is from IKEA, but you can of course buy them everywhere.

And these were my 10 essentials I can’t live without on a music festival campsite. And by essentials I mean the bare necessities, as I haven’t even talked about decorations yet! In case you get easily lost or you have a terrible sense of direction or you cannot recognize your own tent camp anymore, decorations can truly be a life saver. Get those inflatable unicorns out! Hang up those buntings! Blow up those balloons! Go crazy with listing and packing, and stay tuned for next installment in the Almost Famous Writer music festival guide: beauty essentials.



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