Ed Sheeran – “÷” (2017) // Album Review

My Mom and I have this little inside-joke going on regarding Ed Sheeran. The joke originates in a time when both Ed Sheeran and Ben Howard were storming the hit parades and were played on the radio side by side. Rather inevitably, we switched up the artists’ names and now they shall forever be known to us as Ed Howard and Ben Sheeran. So whenever … Continue reading Ed Sheeran – “÷” (2017) // Album Review

Biffy Clyro – “Ellipsis” (2016) // Album Review

I first heard of Biffy Clyro in 2010, when they released the single that changed everything for the three Scottish rockers: “Many of Horror”. The single became an incredible success, marking both Biffy’s launch into the worldwide music circuit and my own launch into the band’s discography. I found multiple things, such as the fan-favorite album Puzzle, emotional ballads and sharp hard-rock tracks, but perhaps most … Continue reading Biffy Clyro – “Ellipsis” (2016) // Album Review

Rae Fitzgerald – “Popular Songs for Wholesome Families” (2016) // Album Review

Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, Rae Fitzgerald tells musical stories of her own life, relationships and observations. Her songs are slow, modest and distinctly graceful, which will be released on her debut album, titled Popular Songs for Wholesome Families (2016). Rae Fitzgerald’s strength lies in the mood she brings to every single song on Popular Songs, a dark and dreamy tone which reminds me of … Continue reading Rae Fitzgerald – “Popular Songs for Wholesome Families” (2016) // Album Review

Beyoncé – “Lemonade” (2016) // Album Review

Last weekend, Beyoncé once again shocked the world when she released her sixth studio album, titled Lemonade. The so-called visual album premiered, without any warning or announcement on HBO, and immediately all eyes were turned to one of the most famous, but at the same time one of the most guarded, musical artists in the world: Beyoncé. Lemonade immediately became the topic of tabloids and … Continue reading Beyoncé – “Lemonade” (2016) // Album Review

Face+Heel – “Our Princes’ Quarry” (2016) // Album Review

Only yesterday a brand-new duo from Wales, UK, released their debut album, titled Our Princes’ Quarry. Face+Heel is the name of the collaboration between lyricist and guitarist Luke Taylor, and singer Sinead McMillan. The two have been releasing tracks and EPs over the past couple of years, and with their debut album, they’re taking the next step. If their media company had not contacted me about … Continue reading Face+Heel – “Our Princes’ Quarry” (2016) // Album Review

The Last Shadow Puppets – “Everything You’ve Come To Expect” (2016) // Album Review

The Last Shadow Puppets is the musical result of Arctic Monkeys front-man Alex Turner and The Rascal’s Miles Kane teaming up. Back in 2008, the two released their first album together, titled The Age of The Understatement, which became an almost immediate cult classic and a favorite amongst the critics. But questions were also raised: would there even be a second album? Turner moved on to … Continue reading The Last Shadow Puppets – “Everything You’ve Come To Expect” (2016) // Album Review

AURORA – “All My Demons Are Greeting Me As A Friend” (2016) // Album Review

Early February, I went to visit AURORA’s concert at TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht, which was a magical, solidly-performed performance. The concert felt like a fairytale, with Aurora Aksnes as the pale, Norwegian princess at the center of the stage, surrounded by the magical creatures that form her band. The singer-songwriter, who is only 19 years old, was almost devastated by the positive response from the audience, … Continue reading AURORA – “All My Demons Are Greeting Me As A Friend” (2016) // Album Review