Story Saturday #5 // Beach Walk

I’m staring into the inside of my eyelids. “Can you see it?” Beside me, Adam nods. I can hear him laugh, as soft as a whisper. “Yeah?” “What do you see?” “Erm… I see.. Seagulls.” Feathers flutter all around us. Adam’s shoulder presses into mind. He breathes in and out. In. Out. In. Out. “I can see the sea,” I say. “And the beach.” “Is … Continue reading Story Saturday #5 // Beach Walk

Story Saturday #4 // “Still life”

Sometimes I wish I could paint. A brush in my hand, a white, empty canvas in front of me. It would be just like writing songs. I would start with a feeling, translate that into an image, a situation, and erase until everything rhymes and sounds perfectly. Painting would be just like that. Applying a thick layer of paint on the canvas. Soft touches, like … Continue reading Story Saturday #4 // “Still life”

Story Saturday #3 // “Bedtime Stories”

I remember the day I met Adam. Five years ago. My grandfather died that year from a heart attack. He was in the hospital. It was raining that day. My grandmother was nobody but herself when my grandfather died. She sat in a comfortable chair in the hall. Her back straight. Her face clear-cut. My aunt brought her tea and sugared waffles from the vending … Continue reading Story Saturday #3 // “Bedtime Stories”

Story Saturday #1 // “Starry Night”

Do you think, that there will be stars afterwards? That when you close your eyes and shut the door behind you, there will still be light to extinguish? I think there will be, because I need the starry night to let you go. They are memories. Shining, pulsating and brilliant memories. The stars are the dreams you can no longer hold. The dreams you have … Continue reading Story Saturday #1 // “Starry Night”