“You have to make your reputation on being honest and, uh, you know, unmerciful.” – Lester Bangs, “Almost Famous”

This quote is a life-changing one. Hopefully, this blog too. “Almost Famous Writer” is an online magazine, with reviews, random thoughts and groundbreaking articles – written with a good dose of humor, passion and grace.

The Almost Famous Writer is a Media & Journalism master’s student, who lives in Rotterdam, Netherlands and dreams of a career as a journalist. I’m very fond of everything that has to do with fashion (due to a youthful exposure to Vogue), love to go to music festivals (and sing as loudly and as badly as possible) and, above all, am crazy about writing.

Apart from writing for my own blog, I have been a contributing writer for the online cultural platform 3voor12Zeeland and a current writer for 3voor12 Rotterdam where I write articles about music. Besides that, I have been the editor-in-chief of Tabula RASA, the one and only student magazine of University College Roosevelt. Right now I’m focusing on pursuing my master’s degree in journalism and sharing my random thoughts, slightly obsessive passions and new discoveries with you right here.




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  1. Garry Maurice says:

    There’s no other way of saying this, but the style and tone of your blog is actually beautiful. Elegant, too. I love how many aspiring writers there are on wordpress; I’m just an aspiring speller! New follower here 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy my future posts!

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