Concert at SEA 2017 – Friday // Festival Review

Radio Eliza combines modern beats with old-fashioned guitar noise On the Umoja stage, the “discovery place” of Concert at SEA, is Radio Eliza playing in the warm sunshine. Just before the start of the concert, a couple of young fans are already loyally waiting, bright yellow CAS caps on their heads and smartphones camera-ready in their hands. Slowly but surely the square in front of … Continue reading Concert at SEA 2017 – Friday // Festival Review

Beauty Essentials // Music Festivals 2017

After a very busy, but incredibly fun, birthday and graduation week, it’s time to come back to the real world and take a look at my calendar. There, marked with some classic glitter tape, popped up another event for next weekend: Best Kept Secret! The music festival slightly creeped up on me, which now results in crazy listing, packing and preparing – a slightly obsessive … Continue reading Beauty Essentials // Music Festivals 2017

The Honest Hour #10 // My 21st Birthday!

Yesterday I turned 21 years old! Amidst all the craziness of graduation week – with all the parties, snacking, galas and practice walks – I celebrated my birthday. To commemorate this festive event on Almost Famous Writer, I looked back on the year since my last birthday and I listed exactly 21 highlights, including a lot of festivals, trips, press visits, finishing university and moving … Continue reading The Honest Hour #10 // My 21st Birthday!

Hello June! // Editorial

A new update a little later than usual, but it’s finally time for my favorite month of the year: June! It’s my birthday month, which makes me still as happy as when I was a little kid, and there’s an absolute ton of amazing things happening these upcoming few weeks. After months of careful and slightly obsessive preparing (color-coded lists and a glitter-sticker system were … Continue reading Hello June! // Editorial

Music Menu #5 // May 2017

With the arrival of June comes the arrival of a brand-new Music Menu! This month is a strange mixture of Oscar and the Wolf’s new single, some Eurovision Songfestival classics and a great new podcast. These few weeks give me enough to do, with a lot of fresh new music on my playlist. These are five musical highlights from May! // Oscar and the Wolf … Continue reading Music Menu #5 // May 2017

Weekend Essentials // Music Festivals 2017

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that I love planning. Every Monday I love to sit down and plan out my week, I’m intrigued by the phenomenon of meal-planning and one of the best things about going on a holiday is to plan everything beforehand. With the music festivals slowly but steadily coming up, it’s time to put my planning skills to the test. Last week … Continue reading Weekend Essentials // Music Festivals 2017