Hello June! // Editorial

A new update a little later than usual, but it’s finally time for my favorite month of the year: June! It’s my birthday month, which makes me still as happy as when I was a little kid, and there’s an absolute ton of amazing things happening these upcoming few weeks. After months of careful and slightly obsessive preparing (color-coded lists and a glitter-sticker system were … Continue reading Hello June! // Editorial

Hello May! // Editorial

Hello May! I’m both happy and nervous that you’ve finally arrived. Happy, because with every passing month I get closer to the most exciting things of the year: Summer, music festivals, graduation, my birthday, temperatures high enough to wear skirts with bare legs, moving in with Boyfriend, et cetera. But also quite nervous, because it also means I have so much still left to do. … Continue reading Hello May! // Editorial

Hello April! // Editorial

I love a good cliché and I’m not afraid to admit it. Romantic comedies where you already know the heroine is going to end up with McDreamy? Bring them on. Starting out my school essays with “In this paper, I will attempt to change the world with said topic”? Hell yes. And considering the beginning of the month as a “fresh start” or a “new … Continue reading Hello April! // Editorial

Hello March! // Editorial

Spring is here! March has barely begun, but the new month already started out beautifully with sunshine and blue skies (and a bit of grey clouds, but who’s counting?). This month also marks the start of new season, as slowly but steadily the temperatures are rising and the flowers are starting to blossom: Spring is right around the corner. With a new month come a lot … Continue reading Hello March! // Editorial

Hello February! // Editorial

A new month with a new beginning: this week marked the beginning of my last semester here at UCR. This Monday, I had my last first day of university. And quite a strange one at that. The beginning of the semester is always filled with friends returning to Middelburg, running into people at the local supermarket and the usual stress over buying study books before … Continue reading Hello February! // Editorial