Music Menu // Albums To Listen To When Studying

Usually Music Menu installments happen at the end of every month, but this time make we’ll make a little exception. At the moment, I’m in my last week of university – still shocked about that realization – and my days are filled with studying, finishing projects, designing academic posters (how academic is one’s academic poster when the main color is a bright pink?), writing essays … Continue reading Music Menu // Albums To Listen To When Studying

Festival Overview // Music Festivals 2017

Every good study starts with a clear and concise overview of the subject. A lay of the land, if you will. In this case, it’s a short and sweet list of the six biggest Summer music festivals of the Benelux, including Pinkpop, Best Kept Secret, Down The Rabbit Hole, Rock Werchter, Concert at Sea and Lowlands. Find out the basics of every festival, from the … Continue reading Festival Overview // Music Festivals 2017

The Honest Hour #9 // Happy Birthday Almost Famous Writer!

Happy birthday to… me? That’s right, Almost Famous Writer is celebrating its second birthday today! On May 13, 2015 I published my very first article on this teeny tiny corner of the Internet and today, two full years later, I’m still writing, editing, photographing and publishing. Back in 2015, I had nearly completed my first year of university, I had an office job and was … Continue reading The Honest Hour #9 // Happy Birthday Almost Famous Writer!

Moving Masters #2 // Visiting Open Houses

Once you have successfully plunged into the seemingly bottomless pit of dorms, rooms and apartments offered on rental websites, and graciously navigated your way through them, it’s time for the next step. The second installment of the Moving Masters series is all about that: visiting potential success stories. An apartment will always look different the pictures than it does it real life, so always make … Continue reading Moving Masters #2 // Visiting Open Houses

AFW Book Club // Spring 2017

No matter how stressed or busy you are, I believe it’s important to find ways to help you relax. Popular ways are burning some scented candles, eating chocolate (guilty), watching Netflix, napping, catching up on Youtube videos and, perhaps the most classic of all ways, curling up with a good book. When you’re really busy and stressed, you might not feel like catching up on … Continue reading AFW Book Club // Spring 2017

Hello May! // Editorial

Hello May! I’m both happy and nervous that you’ve finally arrived. Happy, because with every passing month I get closer to the most exciting things of the year: Summer, music festivals, graduation, my birthday, temperatures high enough to wear skirts with bare legs, moving in with Boyfriend, et cetera. But also quite nervous, because it also means I have so much still left to do. … Continue reading Hello May! // Editorial