Music Menu // July 2017

Settling into a new house and a new city can be quite a challenge – cleaning up those last boxes with stuff, making sure the house is ready before your grandparents come to visit, then keeping the house clean, et cetera. But with your favorite music playing in the background, it suddenly becomes so much more enjoyable. In times of change I often turn to … Continue reading Music Menu // July 2017

Music Menu #5 // May 2017

With the arrival of June comes the arrival of a brand-new Music Menu! This month is a strange mixture of Oscar and the Wolf’s new single, some Eurovision Songfestival classics and a great new podcast. These few weeks give me enough to do, with a lot of fresh new music on my playlist. These are five musical highlights from May! // Oscar and the Wolf … Continue reading Music Menu #5 // May 2017

Music Menu // Albums To Listen To When Studying

Usually Music Menu installments happen at the end of every month, but this time make we’ll make a little exception. At the moment, I’m in my last week of university – still shocked about that realization – and my days are filled with studying, finishing projects, designing academic posters (how academic is one’s academic poster when the main color is a bright pink?), writing essays … Continue reading Music Menu // Albums To Listen To When Studying

Music Menu #2 // February 2017

I’m very proud to announce I’m still keeping up with my annual Spotify mixtape, to which I add exactly one song every single day. At the end of every month, I then type up a little overview of the musical discoveries, jewels and repeats I have added to the list. In February, I had some very interesting new discoveries and one old favorite resurfacing. Keep … Continue reading Music Menu #2 // February 2017