Cinema Club // August 2017

These couple of weeks are full of trips for me, and for some not quite inexplicable reason, trips are always filled with trips to the cinema. This month’s cinema club includes the best action-packed blockbuster of this Summer, “Atomic Blonde” (2017), an informative and heartwarming documentary about cats, “Kedi” (2016), and Christopher Nolan’s new masterpiece “Dunkirk” (2017). // Dunkirk (2017) Every time director Christopher Nolan … Continue reading Cinema Club // August 2017

Cinema Club // July 2017

With moving to a new city comes a period of discovery: how to get to the supermarket, how to work public transport without ending up on the other side of town, where to eat the best cake and, perhaps most importantly, where to go the cinema. Luckily for me, Rotterdam has multiple cinemas scattered all over the city and with my new Cineville card, I’m … Continue reading Cinema Club // July 2017