The Honest Hour #9 // Happy Birthday Almost Famous Writer!

Happy birthday to… me? That’s right, Almost Famous Writer is celebrating its second birthday today! On May 13, 2015 I published my very first article on this teeny tiny corner of the Internet and today, two full years later, I’m still writing, editing, photographing and publishing.

Back in 2015, I had nearly completed my first year of university, I had an office job and was in dire need of a creative outlet. For school I had to read papers, study theories and write assignments about literature, linguistics, theatre & media studies, and pedagogy – pretty serious engagements. At the office, I filed, answered phones, made coffee, cleaned, designed brochures and carried super-heavy inflatable animals – also, pretty serious. Hence, I was missing something. Something that I could put my creativity, passion and interests into. Something that was completely my own, without anyone telling me how to do it. Something to pour my heart, passion for writing and weird obsession with list-making into. That something became Almost Famous Writer.

Here, I can share my thoughts on master applications, my tips for music festivals (I got plenty), fashion guides for every season, a step-by-step plan on moving houses, and countless of reviews about films, books, music and series. If I were to describe Almost Famous Writer in a dummy-like fashion, I would describe it as my own personal brain dump. Everything that goes on in my head, from books that I still want to read to glitter make-up at Coachella, I can share it on my own website. As weird as it may sound, to share your thoughts and passions on such a public space, it has actually been strangely therapeutic, surprisingly fun and immensely educative.

Every time I publish a new article on Almost Famous Writer, I feel just a little bit proud of myself. I don’t necessarily pat myself on the back for every little article that I write, but it does make me really happy to see Almost Famous Writer evolve, grow and change alongside me. I feel most like myself when I’m writing, when I’m creating and when I’m stringing words together that ultimately become a nearly cohesive story. The fact that I’m them sharing these stories on the Internet for everyone to read, brings both nerves and joy. Nerves, because I never know how people are going to react to my articles. Will they enjoy what I’m writing? Will they learn something from it? Will they join me in my story? But also joy, because the fact that I’m still writing and Almost Famous Writer is still gaining more and more readers.

Here’s to another year of my own little diary on the Internet: Almost Famous Writer (thanks for the name, Mom!)!




Featured photo source: iStock/RuthBlack


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