Moving Masters #2 // Visiting Open Houses

Once you have successfully plunged into the seemingly bottomless pit of dorms, rooms and apartments offered on rental websites, and graciously navigated your way through them, it’s time for the next step. The second installment of the Moving Masters series is all about that: visiting potential success stories. An apartment will always look different the pictures than it does it real life, so always make sure you visit the room first before you make any decisions. Plus, visiting the actual property gives you to the perfect opportunity to check public transport accessibility and so scout the neighborhood excessively.

// make the Ultimate Final List

The first thing on this nicely comprehensive to do list is to make the Ultimate Final List of potential properties that fit your wishes and needs. This way, you have a clear directive and a neat little overview of suitable apartments. Make sure to list the potential properties based on your preference, so start with the one you find most suitable and reach out to that owner first.

// make an appointment

Pretty straightforward, but once you have your list of properties you would like to visit, reach out to the owners. You can ask some burning questions first if you like, and then set an appointment to go and visit the apartment. Make sure to set the appointment as soon as possible, so no one else can swoop in and steal your desired apartment in the meantime.

// prepare well

Once you got your appointment to go and visit the potential property, the real preparation can begin. Don’t go to your appointment unprepared, because you will walk away with a dozen questions unanswered. Therefore, make sure to bring a list with some questions that you really want answered –  such as additional costs and your rights as the renter. Additionally, when you’re visiting the apartment, you can ask more specific questions about the property itself, regarding isolation, pets, safety of the neighborhood, duration of the rent contract, deposit, heating, et cetera. If you really want to go full out, look up checklists online to get an idea of the kind of questions you want to ask. Personally, I used a list from, which I tweaked with my own personal questions, but you can also use one from Rooming or any other website.

// keep your cool

Last but not least, make sure to keep your cool during your visit to the apartment. It can be quite overwhelming to go and see an apartment that can potentially become yours and it might look quite different than you expected it to be. So, as hard as it can be, try to keep your cool when you go and visit a potential property. Make sure you check the entire apartment, ask the owner everything you want to know and gather all the information you need to make the right decision.




Featured image: Khalid Amakran


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