Hello May! // Editorial

Hello May! I’m both happy and nervous that you’ve finally arrived. Happy, because with every passing month I get closer to the most exciting things of the year: Summer, music festivals, graduation, my birthday, temperatures high enough to wear skirts with bare legs, moving in with Boyfriend, et cetera. But also quite nervous, because it also means I have so much still left to do. Finishing up the semester, signing contracts, packing up my room, making all the arrangements – my to-do list seems endless at this point.

With only three weeks to go until the end of the semester, the clock is ticking. My days are filled with writing essays, doing research, filling out forms, writing reflections, and carefully planning every hour of every day. The detailed (yet slightly obsessive) color-coding desk-planner system is serving me well and despite the piles and piles of work still to do, I do feel like I’m on top of things. I just need to make clever use of my time and not be seduced by Netflix, magazines or other procrastination methods. Truth be told, it sounds way easier than it actually is.

On the rare occasion that my mind is not on university work, it’s on a myriad of other things. In my free time, I’m filling up my Pinterest board of interior inspiration and dreaming about the baby-blue couch I’ve had my eye on for months. Or I’m making packing lists for music festivals, collecting mini shampoos and foldable parkas like the little hoarding hamster that I am. Or I’m thinking about outfits – what to wear to my graduation, my birthday, and music festivals? Enough to do and enough to think about…

That’s why this editorial will be short but sweet and Almost Famous Writer will be full of preparing articles, fresh Moving Masters installments, music festival guides, nostalgic personal essays, and the best tips and tricks for planning and studying.




Featured photo: Gerjanne Hoek


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