Moving Masters #1 // The Beginning

If you’ve been keeping up to date with my latest stories (I redirect you to my latest editorial or Master Plan installment if you need a refresher or are in need of an interesting read), you know that I’ll be moving house this Summer! Boyfriend and I are moving in together in the big city of Rotterdam and this grand enterprise needs equally grand preparation. Since the beginning of this year, we have been searching the interweb for our perfect little apartment – a journey which has taken us across all possible rental websites, all YouTube videos about house-hunting known to humankind and all forums describing the long and dangerous road towards a new home. A couple of months later, (spoiler-alert!) we have found it and I would not be me, if I didn’t want to share this journey on Almost Famous Writer. Without further ado, welcome to the beginning of this brand-new series: Moving Masters!

// research the city

Once you have decided upon a city, usually based upon your work or school, it’s time to turn that town upside down. The game is on! It’s time to start researching the city you plan on moving to and to learn everything there is to know about it. Try the municipality website, the tourist office site, or even look up online articles about the city. Look up all of the different neighborhoods and see which ones are most suitable for you. When you do, be sure to look closely at the the public transport accessibility and connectivity, as well as some proper zooming-in via Google Maps to fully scout the neighborhood. This will help you focus on specific areas and thereby zoom in on the amount of potential properties.

// determine your search requirements

Once you’ve got a better idea of your research area, make list of property requirements. For one, determine your budget – how much can you spent on the property per month? – and other requirements, including the size, availability, pets, public transport accessibility, et cetera. Once you know exactly what you’re looking for, it’s much easier to dive into the seemingly bottomless pit of rental properties on offer online.

// search online

There are countless websites that list rental properties, student dorms and apartments. I would personally recommend, and to scout properties that match your requirements. When you’re scrolling through the lists or browsing through the pages, use your requirements to guide you to suitable properties and don’t let yourself get distracted by apartments that look amazing, but are way out of your budget. Via these websites, you can directly contact the owners and perhaps ask them some additional questions you might have about the property. Again, put that detective cap on and gather as much information about suitable properties as you can.

// social media

The one thing I cannot recommend enough is to make clever use of social media. You already have a nearly infinite pool of people right at your fingertips: Facebook. What really did the trick in our case is posting a call on Facebook and ask as many people as possible to share it with. Not only is it a great way to ask for tips on renting houses, appropriate websites and relevant experiences, it can be a way to get in touch with rental property owners.

These were all of the steps Boyfriend and I went through at the beginning of our search for a new home, which brings me to our next step: visiting the property. Stay tuned for the next installments on Almost Famous Writer!




Featured image: Khalid Amakran


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