What To Wear // Coachella 2017

Ah, Coachella. Every year in April, celebs, music lovers and fashion bloggers flock towards to perhaps the most famous music festival in the world: Coachella Music & Arts festival. With a killer line-up, including Lady Gaga, Radiohead, Lorde and Kendrick Lamar, Coachella marks the start of the music festival season. For me, the music festivals are still very far away (so it weather hot enough to pull off shorts), but that doesn’t mean I can’t daydream away by all the photos of Coachella dominating my Facebook feed.

With it comes envy (why doesn’t Kiehls fly me out to the desert?!), shock (whoever thought wearing white at an outdoor festival was a good idea?), and tons and tons of fashion inspiration. Today on Almost Famous Writer: the four hottest trends from Coachella 2017.

// white wedding

In my opinion one of the most impractical festival fashion trends ever: all white. Although I must admit it looks pretty cool and fresh, and thereby a nice alternative to fanny packs and feathers, I just don’t think it’s super wearable at a music festival. For once, you’re outside all day, you’re sitting on grass and send, you are eating junkfood all day – a white outfit just isn’t going to stay white, in my own experience. I would personally wear darker colors to an outdoor music festival, as these items can get dirty without showing too much, which is the desired aesthetic.

// coordinating classics

Why think about matching different items when you can wear co-ords and still look super put-together? At Coachella, co-ordinaties pieces were a real hit and I think rightly so. It’s super easy to combine the items – you don’t even have to think about it – which saves you some time and packing-stress. In addition to this, I think it looks very cool and sophisticated, without it looking like you put too much effort into your look.

// glitter galore

Again, a trend I think looks super cool, but totally impractical. I mean, who has time, resources and tools to paste their faces full of glitters and rhinestones at a music festival? Also, how do those glitters stay on one’s face when you’re standing in the sun all day – don’t they sweat off? That being said, I think a music festival is the perfect place to glitter your way through life, just not by pasting them to your face. Instead I would wear a glitter top, or maybe add some glittery accessories.

// off-shoulder outings

The last trend is perfect for a summer music festival, but does need some more elaborate skin preparation. Off-shoulder tops are great, because they are super comfortable, super airy and just look super cool. However, wearing off-shoulder tops do require some more sun protection attention. Be sure to use extra sunscreen on your shoulders, as they tend to catch the most sunlight and are therefore more prone to sunburn.

And these were the four music festival trends from Coachella 2017! Although you can get great inspiration from Coachella fashion, I think it can be very impractical and often not very wearable. I think a lot of the fashion bloggers and celebrities have an entire beauty and fashion team behind them to get them Coachella-ready and most of us, simple souls that we are, don’t have these luxe resources. That being said, I feel like there are much more wearable options for music festival fashion. So stay tuned for more festival content on Almost Famous Writer!



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  1. quinncove says:

    Love these picks!

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