My Capsule Wardrobe // Spring 2017

With a new season always comes a “new” wardrobe. I say “new” here, because I don’t go out and buy an entirely new wardrobe every three months (poor student represent), but because I use the Capsule Wardrobe. Incredibly popular in the blogosphere, YouTube and with me. Last Spring my friend Yonna directed my towards the whole Capsule Wardrobe endeavor and I was immediately intrigued. More material for me categorize, list and obsessively analyze – count me in.

The Capsule Wardrobe comes in many shapes and sizes, but the basic outline counts a total of 37 pieces in your wardrobe. This would include tops, bottoms, one-pieces, coats and shoes. Workwear, activewear, underwear and loungewear are excluded in this version of the Capsule Wardrobe – which is a good thing, really, because my underwear alone consists out of way more than 37 pieces. When I started out with this specific fashion endeavor a year ago, I was a real stickler for the Classic Capsule Wardrobe and made sure I had exactly 37 pieces in my wardrobe. As the year progressed and seasons changed, and with it my own capsule wardrobe, I started to realize the set numbers didn’t really work for me. According to the system, I could only have 3 one-pieces in my wardrobe. Now, I’m a big fan of dresses, jumpsuits and playsuits, and I’m terrible at choosing between things so I went fully against the rules and instead included six one-pieces in my capsule wardrobe. In the end, after a year of capsuling my wardrobe, I realized I never really liked numbers anyway and decided to write them out of my capsule wardrobe story.

For the next chapter, I present to you my Spring 2017 Capsule Wardrobe. This time without the numbers holding me back in my creativity (and my inability to choose between jumpsuits), but with all of the items in my closet that I absolutely love and can’t wait to wear this Spring.

// tops

For tops, I followed the classic Capsule Wardrobe idea by dividing them up into categories. This season I have strappy tops (you should know I love a good velvet strappy top), short sleeve tops, blouses and sweaters. Spring in the Netherlands is ever-changing; it can be super sunny and warm one day and the next the temperature can drop with 10 degrees and it’s freezing again. Okay, maybe not literally freezing, but my point is that the tops in my capsule wardrobe should cover all weather circumstances. Then another great plus about having a capsule wardrobe is that you can really visualize your style – quite literally. From going through my items, I can see things I absolutely love (floral prints and velvet, anyone?) and thinks that perhaps are lacking in my wardrobe (where did all my basic T-shirts go?) – making it easier for me to keep an overview of my clothing.

// bottoms

Then for the bottoms department, I aimed to have an equal distribution of trousers and skirts and I would say that my mission has been accomplished. I opted for a two basic jeans, in black and in blue, and then one funky pair of pants, my fabulous green velvet pants (they’re so comfortable, like I’m walking around in my pajamas all day, which is the desired aesthetic). Then I have my black suede skirt as the ultimate basic, as it goes with absolutely anything, and then two floral midi skirts to add a bit more color and prints to the bottoms section of my capsule wardrobe.

// one-pieces

As previously mentioned, I love a good one-piece. They’re easy to throw on, you don’t have to think about what to combine with what and they’re all amazingly comfortable to wear. In my personal capsule wardrobe I now have more one-pieces than the classic system prescribes, but since I wear them so frequently, it’s very logical to have a suitable amount of them in my wardrobe.

// coats

Then for coats, I have two staples for a Spring wardrobe: the denim jacket and the black leather jacket. They’re both classics and go with absolutely anything – perfect for a capsule wardrobe. Then I added my slightly longer black suede coat, which is a bit more classic and elegant to put over dresses and such. Finally there’s my new favorite piece (possibly ever): my pink denim jacket. I saw this in the store and I just fell head over heels with it; it had to become a part of my Spring wardrobe. And this brings me to my other issue with the classic capsule wardrobe, which is the idea that you only shop once every three months to update your capsule wardrobe. This would mean that, in between the wardrobe updates, you keep the shopping to an absolute minimum – which just doesn’t suit me at all. When you fall in love with a specific piece and you happen to have a H&M gift card and a really nice Mom, you simply have to buy it.

// shoes

The last section of my capsule wardrobe are my shoes, which is perhaps the least surprising section of all. For those rainy Spring days, I have my trustworthy rain boots and for the days I really want to add some extra sparkle to my outfit, I have my shiny silver space boots. The new addition here are my silver Toms, which I have worn every single day since I got them, because they’re so incredibly comfortable (10/10 recommend!).



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