Hello April! // Editorial

I love a good cliché and I’m not afraid to admit it. Romantic comedies where you already know the heroine is going to end up with McDreamy? Bring them on. Starting out my school essays with “In this paper, I will attempt to change the world with said topic”? Hell yes. And considering the beginning of the month as a “fresh start” or a “new beginning”? Yes, totally.

I love that you can start fresh 12 times a year. You can change up your schedule a little bit, try out new things, set goals for the upcoming months or look back at what you have accomplished in the last month. For someone like me, who loves to document and write down literally everything, the beginning of a new month is a beautiful thing. Which is why at Almost Famous Writer, every new month marks a new editorial, full of updates, throwbacks to last month and some fast-forwarding to what will be published this April.

So let’s start by sharing the great, fun, supercool and awesome news that I’ve been accepted for the master’s program Media & Journalism at Erasmus University Rotterdam! Hoist the flag! Eat all the cake (which I totally did)! Start planning and scheduling life after my bachelor! For someone who loves to schedule every minute of every day, it was quite stressful to not know what was going to happen after graduation. Where would I study? Where would I live? What would I do with the rest of my life??!! Luckily, last week I got the highly-anticipated email congratulating me with my acceptance and I couldn’t be happier. Seriously, I couldn’t. I bought myself a new coloring book, I ate a lot of cake and I’m going to study journalism – this is pretty much the height of my happiness. However, as you might be able to remember from previous stories, I initially was so sure I wanted to do a different master’s program at a different university. Then last month I did some thinking, some soul-searching, and some cake-eating, and I realized I just wanted to study journalism. It’s what I’ve always wanted and now that I’ve come to that realization, it just makes total and complete sense to me. But that’s a story for another time, and you can expect a fresh new installment of The Master Plan series about changing your mind completely on Almost Famous Writer.

And with a new study program in a completely different city comes another element of surprise: the search for an apartment starts all over again. Boyfriend and I are moving in together over the Summer and the past couple of weeks have been all about scrolling through rental sites, looking at pictures of sketchy apartments and finetuning are search requirements. It’s quite a time-consuming and slightly stressful experience to find a suitable apartment, but last weekend we went to look at an apartment and we actually fell in love with it. Right now we’re in the midst of arranging all the details, which means I’ll be writing off all my thoughts into an article series on moving houses – something to look forward to on Almost Famous Writer this April.

Another thing to look forward to this month is managing finances! With a new apartment in the upcoming future and tuition fees to pay right now, I have to watch my budget extremely closely this month. That’s why in April I’m challenging myself and my wallet with a budget of a mere €100,- for groceries, toiletries, coffee runs and spontaneous magazine buys. Yes, it’s going to be an actual budget challenge and I’ll be typing up my experiences this month.

In short, a lot is happening and there’s a lot to look forward to on Almost Famous Writer this month!



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