What To Wear // Spring 2017

It’s officially Spring! Flowers are starting to bloom, the sun is shining brighter and warmer, and it’s time to pack up those wool winter coats and bring out the light blouses, short skirts and flower dresses. But what to wear this Spring? Almost Famous Writer has lined up all of the biggest trends this season, from funky florals to sexy sequins!

// Pretty Pastels

It’s Spring, which means it’s time to crack out to those pastels! They’re the most perfect colors to wear this season, because they’re super soft and subtle, but give you just that pop of color. You can wear pastels really subtlety, by wearing a soft blue top or a blush pink skirt, or you can go all out and rock an oversized pastel coat or pastel-colored shoes.

// Embroidered Elegance

Embroidery is everywhere this Spring – from denim jackets and sweatshirts to jeans and accessories. Especially embroidered jeans are on trend this season, with flowers covering an entire leg or just on the hip. To draw the attention to the embroidery, keep the rest of the outfit very subtle and calm by wearing just a white shirt or a black leather jacket.

// Poppin’ Pink

For those who aren’t into the softness of the pastel trend, there’s neon pink this Spring. It’s bright, happy and in your face: the perfect color for Spring! For yours truly, neon pink is a bit too much out of the comfort zone and for those like-minded, fear not. You can also add hints of neon pink to your look, by adding a statement necklace or a funky bag.

// Spring Suits

One of my personal favorite trend of this season: suits. The great thing about this trend is that it’s super versatile – you can wear the suit very classically and professionally, with a white blouse and a good pair of heels, or you can wear it really casually and relaxed, with a printed T-shirt and some sneakers.

// Snow-white Sneakers

The biggest shoe trend of this moment is undeniably the white sneaker. Whether you wear it casually with just jeans and a T-shirt or you combine it with a midi-skirt and a fancy top – the white sneakers goes with anything this Spring.

// Funky Florals

Another one of my personal favorite Spring trends: florals. Although I love to wear floral prints all year around, Spring season is the perfect time to wear your flowery items everywhere. You can combine a super intense floral item with a very basic shirt to play with the contrasts between the items, or go full out flower-girl with an oversized floral coat or an elegant flower dress.

// Ruffles Royale

This season is the season of ruffles: they add a whimsical and fun twist to your outfit. If you keep the rest of your outfit very classic and sharp, the fun element of a ruffled sleeve adds the right amount of spark.

// Sexy Sequins

Some argue that sequins and shimmers should only be worn during the festive times, but I respectfully disagree. Sequins are way too much fun to only wear them during Christmas or theme parties, so put on those shimmers this Spring!




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