Hello March! // Editorial

Spring is here! March has barely begun, but the new month already started out beautifully with sunshine and blue skies (and a bit of grey clouds, but who’s counting?). This month also marks the start of new season, as slowly but steadily the temperatures are rising and the flowers are starting to blossom: Spring is right around the corner. With a new month come a lot of new things, such as a newly updated capsule wardrobe (bye bye wool sweaters and hello flower blouses!), new challenges (keeping up with going to the gym every week) and new discoveries (I actually like to cook, who knew?!).

So the past few weeks have been all about getting back into my university routine – or at least trying to. Seemingly all of a sudden, all these festivals popped up on my calendar, such as the International Film Festival in Rotterdam, Grauzone in The Hague and Stukafest right here in Middelburg. Going to these festivals, scribbling down thoughts and observations in my notebook and then writing a story about them, made me rediscover my love for writing. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved writing stories, which gradually transformed into puzzling with words and creating sentences that sounded like the music they were describing. When I visited Stukafest as a reporter for 3VOOR12 Zeeland (a national online platform for music reviews and articles), wrote an article about it and saw it being published on this website, out there for everyone to read, I realized that this is what I am meant to do. I am meant to write.

And this earth-shattering revelation made me realize something else: I really want to study journalism. I want to learn about the field, study its theories and apply its skills. When I think about my future self, I don’t see myself as a scholar or a researcher – I never have. Instead, I see myself hunting down stories, interviewing people about their passions and their experiences, and turning these into articles that inspire, entertain and wonder. Over the past few weeks, I realized that this is what I truly want and it’s what I’ve always wanted.

So what can you expect on Almost Famous Writer this month? A healthy dose of book, album and film reviews is coming your way over the next few weeks, plus some more personal stories. Get ready for the honest story about a self-proclaimed lazy person going to the gym and a new installment of The Honest Hour about how I changed my mind on my master program (the full story…). And all of this with a sharp eye for detail, sometimes uncomprehendable sense of humor (at least I always laugh about my own jokes) and a nearly indescribably love for writing.




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