Music Menu #2 // February 2017

I’m very proud to announce I’m still keeping up with my annual Spotify mixtape, to which I add exactly one song every single day. At the end of every month, I then type up a little overview of the musical discoveries, jewels and repeats I have added to the list. In February, I had some very interesting new discoveries and one old favorite resurfacing. Keep reading for February’s music menu!

// GENERA8ION (feat. Tayla Parx) – “No Rebel”

A couple of weeks ago, Dior released their new fragrance Poison Girl with a bold and unique approach. Instead of just releasing gorgeous and seductive posters and television commercial, the brand combined the release with a music project. It includes five five tutorials, five moves and one signature, surrounding cover girl Camille Rowe and the new fragrance. I think it’s a really cool and unique way of promoting a fragrance, because of the incorporation of media, dance and music. Speaking about music, the songs of the video clips, “No Rebel”, is super-super catchy and great for working out a gym. I’ll be ready to feature in a Dior advertisement in no time

// Moonlight Breakfast – “Time”

One of my musical discoveries of this month is this song by Moonlight Breakfast. It’s happy, cheery and the perfect soundtrack of my mornings when I would much rather stay in bed. “Time” reminds me of Lykke Li and Austra, with a good amount of electronics and laid-back vocals.

// Tamino – “Habibi”

Sometimes when you’re driving in your parents’ car and you’re listening to the radio, you stumble upon some really unexpected musical jewels. “Habibi” from the young Tamino is one of those jewels. His sounds makes me think of early Muse and Radiohead, a sound I’m always in for.

// Lana Del Rey – “Love”

Lana Del Rey has been very prominently featured in the news the past week, when she released her new long-awaited single, and announced she is going to cast a spell on Donald Trump. In true Del Rey fashion, “Love” is beautifully romantic, sensual and epic.

// Jenny Lewis – “Just One Of The Guys”

I’ve rediscovered this song by Jenny Lewis this month. When it was just released, nearly 3 years ago, the Internet broke over the celebrities featured in the video clip above (yes, I see you, Kristen Stewart, Anne Hathaway and Brie Larson), and I was immediately head over heels with the glitter rainbow suit the singer-songwriter is wearing. Upon rediscovering this song, I once again learned how catchy, casual and laid-back the sounds of “Just One Of The Guys” actually is.





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