Hello February! // Editorial

A new month with a new beginning: this week marked the beginning of my last semester here at UCR. This Monday, I had my last first day of university. And quite a strange one at that. The beginning of the semester is always filled with friends returning to Middelburg, running into people at the local supermarket and the usual stress over buying study books before everyone’s first class – but also with illness. With everyone returning to university, it always brings a lot of happiness and fun, but also some form of the flu. Where previous semester I was spared during my first weeks of the semester, I was now fully struck and had to stay home from class. Not the most ideal start of the semester, but luckily I still have 14 weeks to experience my last semester at UCR.

Nostalgia seems to be the main theme during one’s last semester. When talking to friends that are also graduating this Summer, they are all very torn about it. One of the one hand, we can’t wait to start a new chapter somewhere else, but on the other hand, we’re also nut quite ready to leave our little university community. Right now, I’m still leaning towards the “not ready” end. When I’m looking around my dorm room, I’m overwhelmed with the thought that I only have a couple of months left before I need to pack all of my books and clothes into boxes and leave again (to be honest, I’m also completely terrified by the thought that I need to clean my entire room before I leave and how many decades that’s going to take). When I’m having dinner with my neighbors, I can’t help but think how much I’m going to miss those dinners full of non-coordinating and weirdly-colored dishes. When I think back of the day I arrived here, I can’t shake the feeling that is has only been a couple of weeks instead of years.

But I guess it’s just university life coming full circle. Everyone is talking about their plans for after graduating, applying to master programs and internships, or taking a gap year to work and travel. The past few weeks have been all about finishing my own master application and right now I’m (impatiently) waiting for a reply. In the meantime, I will spent my time experiencing my final semester, being editor-in-chief of Tabula Rasa, learning how to cook, dreaming of a baby blue couch (I’m in love) and, of course, publishing on Almost Famous Writer. This month will all be about applying for master programs, planning homework and scheduling your week, reviews of film and music festivals and a lot of favorites.




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