Hello January! // Editorial

I feel as if 2016 has gone so fast I couldn’t even fully grasp it. I blinked my eyes and suddenly an entire year has passed. Ay first, it seemed as if 2016 was just a “boring year”, without a lot of personal milestones – it passed so quickly I didn’t even notice them happening. However, while I was looking back at 2016, I realized it has actually been another amazing, challenging and wonderful year.

In the beginning of 2016, the first major personal milestone of the year (if not my entire life) took place: I finally, finally passed my driving exam. It was quite a struggle, as it took me about 2 years and 5 driving exams, but in the end, I did pass it and now, nearly a year later I’ve driven myself and my family to music festivals, drove to Ghent, Landgraaf and Biddinghuizen and cruised around town in an enormous family car we lovingly called Jolene. Other milestones included getting a job at a clothing store (it doesn’t very exciting or life-changing, but after 20 rejection letters, it feels good to have a nice job), becoming a reporter for 3VOOR12 Zeeland, seeing Boyfriend graduate from university, being a member of the press at Concert at Sea 2016, going to Best Kept Secret, Pinkpop and Lowlands festival, becoming editor-in-chief of Tabula Rasa, watching the Gilmore Girls revival with my Mom, traveling to Rome, Lille, Leiden and Groningen and celebrating our 2 year anniversary with Boyfriend.

In short, 2016 might have flew by, it still was a pretty great year. Now it’s a tradition for me to sit down at the beginning of the year and think about the 52 weeks ahead of me. Some make new year’s resolutions and write down very specific goals they want to achieve in the upcoming year, such as going to the gym every week, eating more healthy and writing in their diary every single day. Recently I’ve realized I’m just not that great at achieving my new year’s resolutions and I always find them kind of demotivating, in the sense that I must stick to them to achieve them. I always got super disappointed in myself when I didn’t achieve my (usually quite unrealistic) new year’s resolutions and this didn’t really motivate me to work on these goals and actually achieve them.

That’s why, with my mind set on 2017, I’m not really making any hard-set new year’s resolutions, but more general goals that I would like to achieve in this new year. That’s it, just a general idea, without a strict planning or set of rules. It’s way more relaxed and it also makes me much more motivated to get started again. One of my personal goals for 2017 is to write more creatively. When I was still in high school, I wrote stories every single day. In class, at home, in the train – everywhere, anytime, I was writing creatively and I loved it. I remember wishing that I could write always, every second of every day. When I went to university 2,5 years ago, my love for writing kind of faded away. I did still write, and very frequently, for Tabula Rasa and, of course, for Almost Famous Writer and I absolutely love it – but it’s not the same as completely submerging into a world of your own creation, with characters you know and love to the core. So in 2017, I want to give myself time and space to write creatively again and fall in love with all over again.

Additionally, I want to keep better track of my life. 2016 just flew by, disappeared in what seemed like a heartbeat, and I feel like I missed so much of it. That’s why in 2017, I want to document better, make more photos of my experiences, write down more of my thoughts and keep track of my life and my developments. Especially this year, documenting my life is so important to me, as it’s my final few months at university and I’m planning to move towards Utrecht together with Boyfriend – I want to be able to look back on 2017 and feel as though I haven’t missed anything and I was there to experience every single moment of it.

Part of this documentation is Almost Famous Writer, which has been kind of on the back burner the past few months. I have been incredibly busy with school and work, and I didn’t really feel motivated or inspired to start writing and publishing again. That’s why I want to do things a little bit differently in 2017. I plan to start every month with an editorial, such as the one you’re reading right now, in which I write a more personal update and briefly introduce the upcoming month. That being said, I want to have a monthly theme forming the red line throughout most articles being published in that month. This January, I’m starting with a clean slate, planning school, meals and finances, and looking forward to another dazzling, beautiful and amazing year.




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