My Capsule Wardrobe // Fall-Winter 2016

The weather has shifted from Summer to Winter seemingly within a heartbeat. Fall had just made its windy, cold and rainy entrance into town when it became even windier, colder and rainier. As it turned out, the weather had changed that quickly and that abruptly, that my cleverly computed Fall capsule wardrobe only lasted me for a week instead of three months. That’s why I decided to make one capsule wardrobe, which should last me through this Fall and Winter. From cozy knits to shiny silver boots, these are my favorite items for the upcoming season(s):

// sixteen tops

According to the capsule wardrobe philosophy (if you want to read more about my previous capsule wardrobes and how to make one yourself, check all articles right here!) I should have around 16 tops. In some seasons, it makes sense to have less tops and more bottoms, but for this Fall and Winter I have assembled exactly 16 pieces. Here, the key is to divide this number into subcategories of tops, blouses, sweaters and cardigans and ultimately, see how many combinations you can make with these 16 tops, your bottoms and your shoes. As usual, my tops are very black and white, with a spark of pastels, bright green and yellow.

// six bottoms

For bottoms, 6 is a great number. I made sure to keep the balance between skirts and pants, and that there is a lot of variety between the items. I don’t really need two blue jeans or two black mini-skirts. With these bottoms combined with my 16 tops, I can make endless combinations – which is ultimately one of the goals of having a capsule wardrobe.

// 3 one-pieces

I’m a big fan of one-pieces, not matter the season. In Summer, I love to wear dresses and playsuits, just because they’re so easy to put on in the morning and they immediately look good and effortless. For the colder seasons, one-pieces are a little bit more tricky, but you can wear some dresses and playsuits from your Summer or Spring wardrobe again in the colder months. Pair the items with a turtleneck sweater or think tights and you’re all good to go for another season!

// 2 coats

According to the capsule wardrobe method, you should have around 2 or 3 coats per season. For this Fall and Winter, I have two classic, neutral staples, which go with every single one of my outfits. A black leather jacket is always a must, no matter the season, and in the colder months you can combine it with a hooded sweater and an extra thick scarf. Besides a leather jacket, I chose for a super-soft and warm grey coat, to get me through those cold morning cycling towards university.

// 6 shoes

In the shoe department I have one very exciting new member: super shiny, silver, heeled boots. It was really a spur-of-the-moment purchase, but these boots are completely on-trend right now and they just make me so happy whenever I wear them. I think in the shoe department of your capsule wardrobe, you should keep a healthy balance between practical quality shoes and funky, trendy items. Especially in Fall and Winter, a good pair of boots are a necessity. So are rain boots, when you live in the Netherlands and you’re tired of arriving in class with wet socks all the time, and a fancy pair of heels, for when you have special occasion.

That concludes my Fall-Winter capsule wardrobe! I think the key of creating your own perfect capsule wardrobe is to think very practically and choose items based on quality, comfort and opportunities to match with pieces you already own. This way, you only have to invest in a few new items per season, you think of new, creative ways to combine pieces and you appreciate your clothing much, much more.




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