AFW Book Club // Fall 2016

As you might have noticed, the seasonal “What To Read” article for this Fall hasn’t gone online yet. That’s because I wanted to change the format a little bit. Instead of telling my readers what to read (as eloquently directed by the title of the article), I want to introduce the Almost Famous Writer Book Club! With the start of every new season, a book club article will go online with a few books that I’m reading those couple of months. These can be books I read for university, for work or just for pleasure and the occasional magazines that inspire over the course of the season.

For this first edition, I have four books (of which most of them are brand-new releases!) that inspire and fascinate me this Fall:

// “Bloom: Navigating Life & Style” (2016) – Estée Lalonde


When Youtube creator Estée Lalonde announced she was going to publish a book, I was skeptical at first. How would her writing be? What would she write about? Only a couple of weeks ago, my questions were answered when I ordered “Bloom: Navigating Life & Style” online. Lalonde’s writing is not exceptionally literary (who says what ‘literary’ is, anyways?), but it’s very entertaining, at times very funny and really recognizable. “Bloom” is written like a diary, full of little anecdotes, stories, advice and tips on subjects such as self-acceptance, confidence and creativity.

// “The Lesser Bohemians” (2016) – Eimar McBride


Alright, I admit it: I initially picked up this novel because of the beautiful cover. It’s a gorgeous shade of pink with all these flowers pictured upon it and as a lover of everything pink and flowery, I simply had to pick it up. And I’m ever so glad I did, because this book is amazing. The plot seems kind of simplistic and your basic coming-of-age tale, as it’s about a young actress moving to London and exploring her sexuality, but it’s the writing style and the use of language that makes “The Lesser Bohemians” such a fascinating and captivating read. Eimar McBride has such an interesting writing style, very impressionistic and so completely different from anything that I’ve ever read (which is saying something, as I’m a literature major).

// “Love X Style X Life” (2015) – Garance Doré


I picked up this beauty already a while ago, during my city trip to Lille, and since then I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet (it’s on my ginormous ‘to read’ pile conveniently situated right next to my bed). However, “Love x Style x Life” is already a joy to simply browse through. It’s beautifully designed, with gorgeous fashion photographs and illustrations. The book follows the story of blogger Garance Doré, as she grows into a confident, creative and smart influencer.

// “Maestra” (2016) – L.S. Hilton


“Maestra” was released over the Summer and due to the many interviews, advertisements and displays at the book stores, I became intrigued. Then I read an interview with the author, L.S. Hilton in the newspaper and I became even more curious. “Maestra” is coined as the more intelligent, female-empowering and literary version of the infamous “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy. As someone who has read all three installments and thought they were mildly entertaining if not slightly cringe-worthy, I was incredibly curious to find out whether there’s such a thing as a more intelligent, female-empowering and literary version of “Fifty Shades of Grey”. I’m now half-way through the novel and, although it’s certainly super entertaining, I’m not sure whether it lives up to the premise and the hype. But the jury’s still out…




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