Peter Lindbergh @ Kunsthal, Rotterdam

I don’t go to museums very often. When I was growing up, my Mom took me on a day trip to Amsterdam to visit the Rijksmuseum and look at some of the greatest paintings ever made. We travelled for 2,5 hours by train and walked across Amsterdam to get to museum and the entire afternoon, I marveled at the greatness of the building, the incredibly large collection of paintings, strange objects and fascinating stories. At the end of the day, after another 2,5 hour train journey, I was absolutely exhausted.

Now that I’m older I notice I want to go to museums and expositions more often. I went to the Catwalk exposition in the Rijksmuseum a couple of months ago and I absolutely loved it (you can read all about it right here!). When I saw posters of Kate Moss’s face hanging around the train station, I was immediately hooked. The beautiful, black-and-white images promoted a photo exposition of one of the greatest fashion photographers, Peter Lindbergh. I immediately knew I wanted to go see it and after some rigorous acts of persuasion, I convinced Boyfriend to come with me.

The exposition is called “Peter Lindbergh: A Different Vision on Fashion Photography” and showcases over 220 photographs from 1978 onwards. Lindbergh is perhaps best known for his black-and-white photos of the so-called “Supermodels”, including Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista. His honest portrayal of some of the most beautiful women on earth launched their careers and put Lindbergh on the map as a legendary photographer.

When you’re walking through the exposition in the Kunsthal in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, you immediately understand why Lindberg is considered legendary. He captures beauty in a raw, honest and sensual manner. His photographs carry a certain mystery, a kind of darkness, which makes them not only incredibly beautiful but also very fascinating. Lindbergh photographs the women before his lens just as they are; authentic, graceful and emotional.

Apart from fashion photography, you can also go see personal notes, storyboards, props, original polaroids, film fragments and interviews. This way, you don’t just see the photographs, but also the story, the thought and the process behind them. The exposition isn’t just about showcasing Lindbergh’s photographs, but also his inspirations and thought processes. It gives an intimate and well-rounded peek into the mind of one of the greatest fashion photographers.

The Peter Lindbergh: A Different Vision on Fashion Photography is a traveling exposition and until February 12, 2017 you can go and see his works in the Kunsthal in Rotterdam.




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