My Favorite Things // September 2016

October has arrived and with it Fall, in all its chilliness, raininess and cosiness. I’ve already got the scented candles and extra-warm socks out of my dresser, but let’s think back of the unbelievably hot and summery September! Last month I fell in love with a film about writers, the most perfect notebook EVER and a new track by Oscar & The Wolf.

// films


“Stuck In Love” (2012) sounds incredibly cheesy, but believe me, it’s not. The film was originally titled “Writers”, which I personally find a much more attractive title and a much more suitable one. It stars Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Connelly, Lily Collins, Nat Wolff and Kirsten Bell and it completely stole my heart. The film is incredibly funny, recognizable and also very touching. Nearly all of the main characters are writers and for me it was just so interesting and inspiring to see their characters develop and with their writing. And perhaps the best thing of all, you can watch “Stuck in Love” on Netflix!

// tv series


The inevitable has happened: I jumped on the “Stranger Things” bandwagon. When it was launched a couple of months ago already, I was already drawn to the eighties “Twin Peaks” feel of the show. There was only problem: I really really dislike horror and jump-scares and whatnot. So I didn’t want to watch the show on my own, but luckily my sister wanted to rewatch the show with me and now I absolutely love it. “Stranger Things” is so well-made, incredibly well-written with a good dose of humor, mystery and tension.

// music

Although I’m already in the midst of cracking out more Fall-appropriate music (think Andy Burrows, Gotye and Biffy Clyro), I have become obsessed with a new single by one of my favorite bands: Oscar & The Wolf. They released “The Game” already a couple of weeks ago and I have been listening to it ever since. It’s hypnotic electronica, with almost Arabian influences, sexy lyrics and an even sexier (and also slightly strange) music video.

// stationary


This is actually my favorite things of September; the most perfect notebook EVER. I was browsing through the bookstore (as one does) and I stumbled upon this notebook and it felt like fate. This notebook was meant for me and although it wasn’t in this month’s budget, I still had to buy it. And as it turns out, it’s actually a very practical notebook as well, as it’s very thin and fits in every single purse I own, so I have been dragging it around everywhere I go, making much more notes and writing much more than I used to.

And these were the things that inspired and fascinated me in September (and also a little bit through October already).





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