The Honest Hour #5 // Senior Year

As I am writing this, I’m in the middle of my second week of my senior year at university, and I can’t seem to wrap my head around it. Maybe if I say it one more it will become less surreal – I am in my senior year of university.

No. Still unbelievable.

I can’t believe that only two years ago, I graduated from high school. Only two years ago, I moved out of my parents’ home and into my own little student apartment, to go study at a small Liberal Arts & Sciences college. I still remember how nervous I was, nervous about living on my own, about meeting all those new people, about going to university. But what I remember most, is how fast those nerves disappeared from my life. Within just one week, I felt at home in my new home, surrounded by new friends and new things to learn.

Now, it’s two years later and when I think of the person I was when I started university, I almost don’t recognize her. Different haircut, different shoes, but also a completely different mindset. I simply can’t seem to fathom how much I’ve changed, how much I’ve grown over the past two years. Sure, I still sillily laugh at my own jokes and rewatch Gilmore Girls to death, but I’ve also become much more confident and outgoing and creative and ambitious. The girl who started her studies two years ago never thought she would become the editor-in-chief of the student magazine, leading a group of people and making important decisions. She was a 100% certain she would be a literature major, but instead she would be fascinated by linguistics and following a minor in education. She never thought she would one day return to her high school as an English teacher. And two years later, she would do it all.

And now it’s already my final year at this university, living in this little student apartment and writing for the student magazine. In only one year, I’ll have a bachelor diploma and I can start my master program (hopefully!). I’m already terrified of the moment I have to start packing all of my stuff in boxes (it’s truly unbelievable how much stuff one person can accumulate in 20 years) and move away from my hometown, my parents, my sister and my dog – but it’s also incredibly exciting. But before all the terrifying and exciting things can happen, it’s time for senior year.



Photo by Gerjanne Hoek


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