Hotspot: De Juf @ Middelburg

Tucked away in the historical centre of Middelburg, is De Juf. This little café is a must-visit for anyone with a sweet-tooth, a thing for pretty buildings and coffee-addicts. The menu is full of cakes, brownies and blondies, fresh lemonades and even quiches – there’s something for everyone.


There are so many tasty things listed on De Juf’s menu, it’s nearly impossible to not order everything and be sick for at least a week. A solution is ordering the so-called sample platter, which you can share with your friends (or just eat all by yourself and get a good taste of what De juf has to offer). On the platter, there’s a selection of the many baked goods listed on the menu, including a piece of millionaire’s shortbread, carrot cake, lemon cheesecake, mixed nut-bars and cherry cheesecake.


De Juf is not only there so satisfy your appetite, but also to quench your thirst. The café has a selection of different loose-leaf teas, which are beautifully displayed in little glass pots. This way, you see all the little leaves, dried fruits and flower petals that are going to flavor your cup of tea.


Although De Juf is mainly a café, where you can sit down, relax and enjoy an excellent piece of pie, you can also take the baked goods away. All the cakes and quiches you can eat inside the café, you can also at the counter to take away with you.


All of the cakes, bars and cookies are home-made, with mainly local ingredients. When you peek into De Juf’s kitchen, you can see some of the ingredients, such as walnuts and chocolate chips, stacked on the counter.


You can find De Juf on the Sint Jansstraat 32 and the café is opened from Tuesday until Saturday. De Juf also offers high tea, but you do have to make a reservation before-hand. You can choose between a sweet, savory and deluxe option!




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