My Favourite Things // August 2016

August has come to an end already and with it, the few hot weeks of Summer we had. In those few weeks, I worked on my internship for the University of Utrecht, worked at the clothing store and I found a couple of things that inspired me.

// books


I read quite a few books over the past few weeks, but one that really resonated with me was “Brooklyn” by Colm Tóibín. The story follows Eilis Lacey, a young girl from a tiny village in Ireland, who gets the opportunity to start a new life in Brooklyn, New York. Here, she starts working at a department store and taking night classes in accounting. At first, Eilis doesn’t like her new life far away from her family and she struggles with homesickness. Eventually, she starts to feel at home and falls in love. But then a family tragedy pulls her back to Ireland and Eilis is faced with the decision to either stay in Ireland or return to Brooklyn. Besides from the beautiful imagery and use of language, “Brooklyn” really struck a cord with me. Reading it made me think back of my time as a freshman student, who had just moved away from home to start a new life. “Brooklyn” touched me and inspired me infinitely.

// films – series


Once more I had an entire month filled with films. I don’t know about you, but it seems I go to the cinema way more often during the Summer months than in the rest of the year. Probably because I just love to go out to watch a film, but maybe the fact that the cinema has airconditioning and comfortable chairs and nachos with cheesy sauce has also something to do with my very frequent cinema-visiting. But there’s one film that made a very lasting impression this August and that would be Nicolas Winding Refn latest film, “The Neon Demon”. Starring Elle Fanning in the star role, the film follows the story of model Jesse. She has just arrived in LA and desperately tries to make it in the brutal world of skinny models, fashion and… witches, apparently. “The Neon Demon” was just so weird and mind-boggling, but so beautifully and richly visualized, that the images are still stuck into my head weeks after seeing the film at Lowlands.

// tech


University has started again and with it comes my obsession for one app, Wunderlist. What it basically comes down to, is a collection of to do lists, which you can share on both your smartphone and your computer. What I really like is that you can categorize your lists, schedule them and add alarm clocks to them. This way, the app makes sure I never ever forget to do my dishes or my homework ever again.

// beauty


For beauty, there’s one definitive favorite and that is the Soft Matte Lip Cream from NYX. The color that I’m wearing in the picture is called Ibiza and it’s just the perfect shade between a very bright red and pink. What I also really love about this lipstick, is the formula. It feels super soft and creamy on your lips, and the color is really long-lasting – which is perfect when you have to work an entire day or when you’re just too lazy to re-apply your lipstick regularly.

// music

tom odell -wrong crowd

Ever since we came back from Lowlands, I have been listening to Tom Odell’s latest album, called “Wrong Crowd”. I was just so impressed by his performance at the festival that I wanted to get more acquainted with his music and especially his new album, which was released just this Summer. It’s an amazing album, with a much more confident and grown sound. Tom Odell’s sound still has the same grace and vulnerability I really love from songs like “Another Love” and “Grow Old With Me”, but it’s a little bit more bombastic and a lot more confident.





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