What To Pack // Music Festivals 2016

This Thursday, we’re leaving for a camping flight down to Lowlands 2016! It’s going to be my fourth and last music festival of the Summer and the weather forecast are slightly questionable. One website says it’s going to be sunny with a chance of rain and another says we should prepare for thunderstorms. One way or another, I want to be prepared for all kinds of weather, while still remaining super comfortable while jumping around the Lowlands festival terrain!

// 6 Tops

I’m bringing these six tops with me, because I can pair them together with both of the bottoms I’m bringing, plus they’re all summery, fun and comfortable. I always really like to wear a loose spaghetti top when it’s hot and when the weather is a little disappointing, I just pair it with a flowery kimono or a vintage denim jacket.

// 2 Bottoms

As for bottoms, I want to make sure they go with every single one of my tops and they are weather appropriate. With a pair of shorts and long jeans, I’m well-prepared for both hot temperatures and rainy days.

// 1 One-Pieces

So I might have gone a little crazy with playsuits, but I just think they’re the best things to wear at music festivals. They’re super comfortable to wear, they look fun and playful, and you don’t have to think about what top to match with what bottom – just put on a fun one-piece and you’re done for the day.

// 2 Shoes

They have predicted quite some rain for the upcoming festival weekend, so I’m definitely packing my rain boots for Lowlands. This way, I can just make my way through the mud and keep my socks nice and dry. But when there’s no rain (pretty pretty please with a cherry on top, weather gods?!) I like to wear comfortable sneakers, like this Converse inspired one above.

// 1 Bag


At Lowlands, I have decided to do things a little differenlty in the bag-department. Previously, I really liked to bring a really small cross-body bag, so that I wouldn’t have to drag around too much heavy stuff. But with the weather being this unpredictable, I want to be able to bring a bit more things with me, such as a warm sweater or a poncho. So I have decided to bring my backpack with me, because it’s comfortable to carry and I can stuff everything I want to bring with me in it.

And that’s what I’m packing for Lowlands 2016! This Thursday, I’m publishing a list of the five artists I’m most looking forward to seeing at the festival this week-end and the week after, you will be able to find a complete and detailed festival review of Lowlands 2016 right here at Almost Famous Writer.






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