A City Trip to Lille // Photo Diary

A little while ago, Boyfriend and I decided to go on a spontaneous trip together. When planning our little holiday, we looked at places all over Europe, but we couldn’t really find anything. We knew we wanted a city, but way smaller and more quiet than London or Paris, so in the end we decided upon Lille! The city is located in the north of France, just over the border with Belgium. It was only a two hour drive for us and it turned out to be most perfect choice for a little getaway.







Lille is a beautiful city, with a gorgeous and cosy historical city centre. Our hotel, Le Moulin D’Or, was situated right in the middle of town, around the corner of this pretty church St. Maurice. On the square in front of the church is a really great café, called Gorilla, which was one of our favorite places to go during our trip. We sat outside in the sun and drink iced coffees and eat bruschetta and pasta. From there, you can easily walk along the Rue de Paris towards the Grand Place, which is the historical centre of Lille. Here, the Vieille Bourse is situated, which is the old market hall of the town. Nowadays there’s an old book market in the hall and it’s a beautiful historical building.





Located at a 15 minute walk from the city centre is the Jardin Vauban, which is a small park situated very close to the Citadelle. It’s the perfect place to escape the city for a little while and you can take some great pictures. There’s a cave right next to a little pond and it’s great to discover and take some photos.



The final spot we visited was the Musée des Beaux Arts, because I love to visit an art museum when I’m on a holiday somewhere and especially when they’re situated in a beautiful historical building with ceilings like the one on the photo right above. It’s not a very big museum, however, so I don’t think you can spend all day in here, but it’s wonderful to browse all the different departments and sniff a little bit of history and art.




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