My Favorite Things // July 2016

With Almost Famous Writer I share things that interest, fascinate and inspire me. From films to novels, from personal stories to fashion, and from music to travel – I like to write about all of these subjects and publish these stories on my little place on the internet. But of course there is so much more that inspires me and with this new series I would like to share these things with you. Every month, you will find a little recap of my favorite things, from fashion to tech and from interior to music.

// fashion


This month I completely fell in love with a fashion item completely out of my comfort zone: a bright orange playsuit from H&M. Usually I don’t really like to wear very bright colors, but this item just caught my eye. I decided to try it on and it’s just so comfortable! At first I thought I wasn’t going to like the bright orange color, but it actually makes me really happy when wearing it.

// books

featured image

My favorite book of July (perhaps even of the year…) is definitely “The Girls” from Emma Cline. You can read a fully detailed review right here but this debut novel has completely won me over. In fact, it did even more than that, as “The Girls” completely brought back my love for reading. It’s such a inspiring and compelling novel, which I would recommend to anyone.

// films – series


I watched a surprisingly high amount of films in July, from Finding Dory to Jason Bourne, but if there’s one film or series that defines this month for me, it’s definitely Gilmore Girls. It’s probably my favorite television series ever (if you want to read 10 life lessons I learned from the show, click right here) and now Netflix has released all 7 seasons online! I started watching the show again, just in time for the highly-anticipated revival of Gilmore Girls, which is set to release in November.

// tech


My favorite tech item of the month is my new camera! Back in June, I celebrated my birthday and I got some money from my family. I always like to buy one item with my birthday money, so that I have one item that reminds me of a particular birthday. And this year I invested in a baby version of my big camera: the Panasonic Lumix DMC-SZ10! I really wanted a smaller camera to bring with me to concerts and festivals, because my other camera is just too big and too heavy to drag around with me all day. This little camera is super lightweight and perfect to carry around with me.

// music


If there’s one piece of music that has been on repeat this month, it’s Biffy Clyro’s seventh studio album “Ellipsis”. If you’re interested in reading a fully detailed album review, you can do so right here, but I think it’s just a great album. It’s the perfect combination between hard and angry rock tracks, and soft and emotional ballads – exactly what Biffy Clyro is known for.

// interior


Boyfriend and I were in Lille last week and there I found these amazing postcards. I bought them at a Scandinavian store called “Søstrene Grene” and they sell everything, from cute postcards to stationary and from interior items to kid’s stiff. When I saw these cards I immediately fell in love with both the color schemes and the quotes. I liked them so much that I wanted to put them in my room, so I bought these black wooden photo frames and now have them around me in my room.

These were my favorite things from July, because they inspired me, made me happy or just fascinated me.




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