What To Pack For // A City Trip to Lille

Boyfriend and I spontaneously decided to go on a little trip together and after some researching and Googling, we decided upon Lille! This historic town right on the border of Belgium of France, is perfect for a little get-away. Lille is often called the Paris of the North (sounds like something out of Game of Thrones, if you ask me) and I’m super exited to go and explore the city.

And for city exploring, one needs a fitting wardrobe! Again, I decided to pack according to the 5-4-3-2-1 method, only this time I changed the numbers around a bit, so that it would be suitable for a four-day city trip to Lille.

// four tops

Boyfriend and I are going on a trip for four days, so it seems fitting to bring four tops. I decided to pack both really comfortable, the blue tanktop and the striped shirt, and a more dressy top, like the pink lingerie-inspired top. Furthermore, I decided to bring my jeans jacket, because its light and casual, thus perfect for summer time.

// three bottoms

For this trip, I’m bringing three bottoms and I made sure they’re all very different items that I can wear interchangeably with all of my tops. This way, you have a very large number of outfits, made out of just a few items. I packed my bottoms very much according to the weather, so a short in case it gets really hot, a pair of long jeans in case of slightly colder temperatures and a more dressy skirt for evenings.

// two one-pieces

According to this method, you should bring two one-pieces, so jumpsuits, playsuits or dresses. I chose for one playsuit, because they’re perfect for Summer. A playsuit is light, super-comfortable and gives a more playful feel to your look. Next to that, I also decided to bring a dress, because I can wear this one from H&M both casual, with my jeans jacket and sneakers, and dressy, with my glitter sandals.

// two pair of shoes

Two pair of shoes is really all I need on a four day trip. When we’re planning to walk around a lot, I like to wear shoes that offer more stability and comfort, so then I would wear sneakers like these dark grey ones from Van Haren. But when it’s really hot outside, I would rather go for some slippers and these ones with glitters on them are my perfect choice.


// two bags

Just like packing for our trip to Rome last May (you can read all about our trip right here) I decided to bring two packs. The one on the right is really my every day bag, and everything magically seems to fit in, from my camera to my wallet. But I like to take a little canvas bag with me, just in case I buy something that does not fit in my purse, so that I can still take it with me comfortably.

And that’s all I’m packing for our little city trip to Lille! I’m super excited and can’t wait to stroll around all the history, visit some museums and simply relax. You can expect a detailed photo diary on the blog as early as next week, but in the meantime you can stay up to date with my adventures on my Instagram account (you can follow me right here). Au revoir!




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