What To Wear // Summer 2016

After six seasons of Game of Thrones, Winter has finally come to Westeros. But right here in the Netherlands, it’s finally time for Summer. Last week marked the first official day of the hottest season of the year and that means it’s time to discuss the current fashion trends. From romantic maxi dresses to wearing your swimming wear as daywear – Almost Famous Writer has made a selection of the most popular trends and wear you can buy these items at a budget-friendly price.

// Maxi Dresses

Summer is the perfect season to wear a long and flowing maxi dress. Not only is it the perfect item to wear when it’s hot outside, it’s also super versatile. You can wear your maxi dress, like this one from New Look, very casual, with sandals and a denim jacket, or very dressy, with high heels and a beautiful statement necklace.

// Snow White

White is the ultimate color to wear during the hottest season of the year. And in the Summer of 2016, it’s the trend to wear everything in white, instead of just one item. So you can combine a pair of white jeans with a simple white shirt, or wear a little white playsuit like the one from H&M with white strappy sandals for a cool Summer look.

// Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is the perfect Summer coat, because it’s cooler than your average coat and gives a more casual feel to your outfit. What I love about it, is how you can combine it with everything. You can wear a denim jacket, like this one from C&A, with a long flowy dress for a very romantic feel, but also with a pair of long trousers and sturdy boots for a tougher festival look.

// Choker

The most-spotted fashion item of the past months is no-doubtedly the chocker. I remember this necklace from when I was little, when you had black plastic ones that left lacey marking on your neck after you wore them, but anno 2016 they have made their way back into the fashion scene. It’s definitely a trend that’s not for everyone, but it’s certainly one with a lot of variety. You can wear a more stern metal one, like the one above from H&M, or a velvet one to give your look a softer feel.

// Funky Backpack

Now everyone is walking around with perhaps the most handy bag of all: the backpack. This while only a couple of years ago, the backpack was strictly meant for your high school days. This Summer, the backpack has made a complete comeback and although I personally prefer simple leather-like backpacks, it’s now the trend to wear a backpack that is as funky as possible. For example, with a funny face or ears sewn onto it, or with bright colored flowers, like this one from Wehkamp.

// Crop Top

The crop top is another trend that’s perhaps not for everyone, but one that’s incredibly versatile. The top, that leaves one’s midriff bare, comes in many ways, shapes and forms, but I personally really like this one from H&M. You can combine with with a pair of high-waisted jeans, so you don’t have that much midriff exposure, or with a beautiful and flowy mid-length skirt, for a more dressy and romantic look.

// Swimsuit

Wearing your swimsuit everywhere but in the swimming pool is a trend I have spotted everywhere, from the hot festival grounds to the hottest fashion blogs. It’s a tricky trend when you have a bit more cleavage, but can still look really cool with the popular high-waisted shorts or a skirt. I like this one from New Look, because it’s a little more detailed and shaped than a regular bathing suit.

These were the hottest trends for the Summer of 2016 and I can’t wait to wear (most of) them. Of course the beginning of a new season also marks the change of my capsule wardrobe and you’ll find a full article on my Summer 2016 capsule wardrobe online in the upcoming weeks.




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