What’s In My Bag? // Music Festivals 2016

Today is the first day of Pinkpop festival here in the Netherlands and instead of being at the festival campsite right now, I’m at home preparing for Boyfriend’s graduation. It’s so strange to not be at the festival with my family right now, because the past couple of years we had done just that, but this year we just decided to go to a different festival together (which will be Best Kept Secret next weekend!).

Instead, I’m celebrating Boyfriend’s graduation for university today and on Sunday, my girlfriends and I are going to Pinkpop for the final day of the festival, where Paul McCartney, Lionel Richie, Balthazar, Tom Odell and Douwe Bob will perform. In-between all the graduation excitement, I’m packing my day bag for Pinkpop and today I’m sharing this little guide with you.

// The Bag


First things first, which is the bag. A couple of months ago, I got this bag from my Mom and I still absolutely love it. I was looking for the perfect bag for festivals and concerts, and then I found this one! It’s just big enough for my camera and everything else I’m bringing and it has a super handy strap so you can wear it both like a cross-body bag or just as a purse. I recommend wearing a small cross-body bag to music festivals, because you can wear it in front of your body to keep it safe and you can carry everything you need.

// iPhone


I know that some people don’t like to bring their phones to festivals, because they’re afraid it might get stolen. However, I personally find it super important that you always have a phone on you, whether that is your own smartphone or a cheap one that you use only at festivals or concerts. Of course it’s nice to take photos during the day, but most importantly, you’re phone is your way to contact your friends or family in case your lose them.

// Portable Charger


I find it important that my phone keeps working throughout the day, because I use to take pictures of the day, to call my friends or family when I lose them or to make plans to meet at the nearest kebab stand, but I also use my phone to use navigation for the way there and back. You get it: it’s important to keep my phone fully charged. At some festivals, they offer a charge service where you can leave your phone to charge and later you’ll pick it up again, but you can also bring a little portable charger like this one. Charge it fully before you go and during the festival, you can plug your phone in and charge it!

 // Wallet


My wallet is not actually a wallet, but more like a really small make-up bag, but it’s actually really handy to use as a wallet. It’s super flat, which makes it really convenient to pack and it doesn’t take that much space in your bag. I really wouldn’t bring a big wallet full of cards and money to a music festival, but a really small one with only your necessities, so your identity card, a little bit of cash and your back card.

// Camera


The past couple of years, I never really brought a camera to music festivals, because I was really afraid it was going to get stolen, but now I notice that I really wish that I did bring my camera and took some pictures. We have some, which were taken with our phones, and I love those photos so much and they’re so much fun to look back at. So this year, I’m taking my camera with me!

// Sunscreen


Sunscreen is so super important to bring with you to a music festival. Even when it’s cloudy, it’s important to protect your skin with some sunscreen. I always bring a tiny tube with me, instead of a spray, because at most music festivals, you’re not allowed to bring any spray products with you. With this little tube, you’re still able to re-apply sunscreen during the day.

// Notebook + Pen


I’m a writer and if I could, I would spend all day every day with scribbling in my notebooks, filling them up with ideas, stories or just random lightbulb moments. At festivals, I mainly use a tiny little notebook like this one to write down my planner for the day, so bands I want to see, when and where they’re performing, so that I don’t need to worry about missing anything.

// Sunglasses


Although the weather forecast is absolute crap for Sunday, I’m bringing my sunglasses. I recently started to wear my glasses full time and I have to admit, I see a lot more clearly now, but as soon as that sun breaks out on Sunday, I’m switching them for my sunnies.

// Hand Sanitizer


I would definitely recommend to bring a tiny bottle of hand sanitizer or a mini package of wet wipes, so that you can clean your hands throughout the day. You’re going to sit in the grass, eat greasy (but so delicious) food, go to weird toilets and your hands are bound to get sticky. Give them a quick cleanse with this gel and you’re ready for another greasy meal.

// Lip Balm


I don’t like to wear a lot of make-up when I go to a festival, because I always sweat a lot from jumping and walking around all day and then I just get the feeling my make-up literally slides off my face, which is not cool. Instead, I just like to wear some mascara and a little bit of lip balm. Not only does it add just a little bit of color to your face, it also keeps your lips soft and protected from the sun.

// Poncho


I’m praying to both the old gods and the new that we’re not going to have to use our ponchos on Sunday, but according to the weather forecast, I would be clever to bring some. So I’m taking my super ugly, but potentially life-saving plastic poncho with me.

And that’s everything in my bag! Do you want to read all about my weekend essentials, be sure to read the article right here. I’m fully prepared and so excited to go to Pinkpop with my friends on Sunday. Want to keep up to date with me at Pinkpop this weekend? Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (username: edenevanlyn) to follow my music festival adventures.





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