Weekend Essentials // Music Festivals 2016

The music festival season is beginning here in The Netherlands and that means I’m spending my days preparing, listening to Spotify playlists, making grocery lists and looking forward to the first festival I’m visiting: Pinkpop! Although I’m only going one day this year, the weekend after I’m going to Best Kept Secret, where I will stay the entire three days. To prepare for a weekend on the campsite, I made a list of my weekend festival essentials, from camping to tech and beauty.

// Dry Shampoo


One of the trickiest things at weekend music festivals is the sanitary situation. It may very well be possible that you can’t shower or clean yourself as much as you would like to. In case your hair gets super greasy and you want that voluptuous volume and (temporary) cleanness back, spray a good dose of dry shampoo in your hair and you’re good to go. I personally really like this one from Herbal Essences, because it smells really good, it gives my hair a lot of volume and texture, and it doesn’t leave a white layer on my hair.

// Hand Sanitizer


Tying into the whole unfortunate sanitary situation at music festivals, a good item to bring is some hand sanitizer. You’re going to be in contact with so many things and people all day and after a while, you just want that clean and fresh feeling back. Apply some hand sanitizer and voila, gone dirty and sticky hands.

// Portable Charger


As stupid as it may sound, you want to keep your phone working throughout the festival. Besides answering the need to take Instagram-worthy pictures, your phone might actually be your lifesaver. If you’re with a group and you lose each other on the field, one quick phone call or message and you’re reunited. To keep your phone working all weekend, I recommend bringing a portable charger with you. At some festivals you can “rent” them, but you can also invest in your own portable charger.

// Make-up Wipes


At the end of a long day of dancing, jumping, running and eating, you might not really feel like spending a lot of time on skincare. However, you should try to clean your face before you go to sleep, whether you’re wiping off layers and layers of make-up, or just sweat and sunscreen. Make-up wipes are quick, easy and they don’t require you to walk all the way to the closest campsite bathroom.

// Sunscreen


Speaking of sunscreen, it might as well be the essential of essentials when it comes down to weekend music festivals. It’s so important that you protect yourself and a sunburn can seriously ruin your weekend (because it hurts like hell and leaves you looking like Mr. Crabs from Spongebob Squarepants).

// Wet Wipes


The last item to make up for the unfortunate sanitary situation, I promise: wet wipes. When you don’t feel like taking a shower after a long day out on the field, or after a short night in your tent, you can clean yourself quick and easy with some wet wipes. Plus, they leave you smelling like babies.

// Blister Band-Aids


When you’re walking, dancing and jumping around a festival field all weekend, blisters are imminent. Avoid these little buggers by putting some blister band-aids on your heel and your small toe, and you’re ready to party all weekend.

// Ear Plugs


Multifunctional: ear plugs. When you’re standing in front of the stage and the bass is making your ears bleed, put in some plugs and protect your hearing. Or when you’re in your tent late at night, trying to get some sleep but you’re neighbors are partying too loud or the dance hall is making your air mattress shake on the ground, pop in those ear plugs and you’ll get through the night.

// Flashlight


How bright and colorful the lights at the festival field may be, how dark they are at the campsite. The inside of your tent is pitch-black and you can’t find your toothbrush anywhere – been there, done that. I’ve learned the hard way how useful a little flashlight can be. Put it in the little nets at the side of your tent or on your air mattress so you can find it directly after you zipped open your tent, and you will find that toothbrush for sure.

// Water Bottle


Last but not least: a water bottle. You probably are not allowed to take a water bottle with you to the festival terrain, but it’s always a good idea to keep one on the campsite. Stash one in your tent, so you can drink some water when you’re thirsty at night, when you want to freshen up your mouth in the morning, or when you want to flush away your toothpaste.

And that’s it! These are my absolute essentials for weekend music festivals and I honestly can’t wait to start packing them for real.




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