Rae Fitzgerald – “Popular Songs for Wholesome Families” (2016) // Album Review

Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, Rae Fitzgerald tells musical stories of her own life, relationships and observations. Her songs are slow, modest and distinctly graceful, which will be released on her debut album, titled Popular Songs for Wholesome Families (2016).

album cover

Rae Fitzgerald’s strength lies in the mood she brings to every single song on Popular Songs, a dark and dreamy tone which reminds me of both Daughter‘s and Blaudzun’s sound. It’s an intricate sound, with many layers that come together in a subtle whirlwind of soft guitar tunes, honest lyrics and a dreamy, echoing voice. The rhythm is slow and relaxed, while the melodies are grand, dramatic and full of emotions. This contrast is what makes Rae Fitzgerald’s sound so interesting to listen to; it’s as contradicting as a human being itself. “Jackal ii”, the first single from the album Popular Songs, is an example of this contradiction. It’s a catchy track, because of the thick drums and soft guitar tunes, but also a dreamy song, with just a hint of electronics and intricate lyrics.

On Popular Songs, much attention is paid to the lyrics. Rae Fitzgerald describes her own life in her songs, using the lyrics to create a narrative. At times, it feels as if the artist transformed her diary into a piece of music, which makes it sound vulnerable and powerful at the same time. “On Your Side Of The Mountain” describes Rae Fitzgerald’s romantic relationship, about lovers giving in and giving up, whereas “Lost In Ukrainian Village” describes Rae Fitzgerald’s personal travels and discoveries.

In short, Rae Fitzgerald’s debut album Popular Songs for Wholesome Families (2016) is a beautiful album, both puzzling and relaxing. It’s poetry transformed into music and vice versa. Want to give Rae Fitzgerald’s debut album a listen? It will be released on June 3, 2016!




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