A Roman Holiday // Photo Diary

Last week, Boyfriend and I celebrated my birthday in Rome! He had planned the whole trip as an early birthday present and it was perfect. We walked around the ancient city, ate tons of gelato, avoided many guys selling selfie-sticks, enjoyed the hot weather and spend much time eating pizza, pasta and panini’s. Join me as a look back on our Roman holiday!

// Villa Borghese

Our first destination was Villa Borghese and despite my lengthy and thorough research before our trip, I was under the impression that “Villa” meant “big fancy house”. But apparently, a “villa” is a “park” in Italian, so we spent the afternoon strolling around the biggest and most beautiful park of Rome. I really loved to spend time here, because it is very calm and not so touristy, which is a nice alternative compared to the crowdedness of the city centre.

In Villa Borghese, you can walk around and see the many statues and ponds in the park, but you can also visit the many museums, the zoo, the Shakespearian globe theater or the horse tracks (because that’s how massive this park is).









// Trevi Fountain

In the late afternoon, we left Villa Borghese and walked all the way down towards the city centre, where we visited the infamous Trevi Fountain. Crowded with tourists, snapping photos of themselves with their selfie-sticks and throwing coins over their shoulders, we bought a gelato and sat down next to the fountain, listening to the clattering of the water and the chattering of people.



// Colosseum

The next day I like to call the Ancient Day, because we visited both the mighty colosseum and the forum romanum (I kept calling it the “fort” romanum and Boyfriend spent the afternoon correcting me, because it very clearly isn’t a fort). I was so impressed by the vastness of the colosseum (which you might be able to guess by the crazy amount of pictures I took) and it’s so fascinating to literally stand on history. This is where the gladiators fought and the people of Rome got together.







// Forum Romanum

The ticket you buy at the colosseum is immediately a combo-ticket for the Forum Romanum and after eating some delicious pizza, we went to visit the ancient center of Rome. It’s a gorgeous and fascinating place to walk around and to imagine that such a long time ago, there were palaces and temples and markets and people living there.







// Pantheon

After the Forum Romanum, we walked on towards the pantheon, with it’s impressive front and the gorgeous dome on the inside. I was fascinated by the ceiling, how it spiraled into a circle and how the light fell into the building.




// St. Peter & Vatican Museum

Our final destination was the Vatican, which is definitely a must-see. So many people are drawn to the St. Peter and its surroundings, whether for religious purposes or an interest in history, and it’s clear why. Both the St. Peter and the Vatican Museum are gorgeous. We didn’t go inside of the St. Peter, because the lines were excruciatingly long and I thought the building was already beautiful from the outside, but we did decide to wait in line for the Vatican Museum. We stood in line for an hour, I believe, so I would definitely recommend to buy your tickets in advance. Nonetheless, it was definitely worth it, because the museum is huge, with so much art, history and fascinations stuffed into one gorgeous building.




And this was the end of our trip to Rome! It’s such a gorgeous city, with so much history and character and I’m so glad I got to visit it.




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