What To Pack // A Roman Holiday

On Monday, Boyfriend and I are going on a holiday to the glorious city of Rome! I have never ever been there, but I have heard so many great stories about the city, so I always wanted to visit it. Now my birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks and Boyfriend has arranged this trip for us as a present!

It was supposed to be a surprise, which means that I accidentally open his laptop and see the confirmation email of a stay in Rome and I already know that we’re going for weeks. The surprise was kind of ruined, but now I did have time to prepare for the trip – and if there’s one thing I love about going on a holiday, then it’s preparing. I make lists of things I need to pack, things I still need to do or buy, etc, etc.

This time around, I decided to pack my suitcase according to the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 method (because I’m a girl who loves systems). In this method, you are supposed to pack 5 tops, 4 bottoms, 3 one-pieces, 2 pair of shoes, 2 bathing suits and 1 accessory – only when I was packing, I realized this would be too much. That’s why I have a slightly reduced version of the method, but this suits our 6-day trip much better.

// 4 Tops


For tops, I’m bringing only one coat, because I’m probably not going to wear it that often in Rome. I picked my favorite jeans jacket, because it’s super comfortable for in the plane and it matches with all my other pieces. Additionally, I packed two tank tops and one stripe T-shirt that I can wear with all of my bottoms interchangeably, so outfits enough.

// 3 Bottoms


I packed my bottoms according to their level of comfort (high-waisted shorts, so comfortable!) and whether or not I could wear them with all of my tops. The long pair of trousers is mainly to wear while we’re traveling, whereas the shorts and the midi-skirt are perfect for Rome.

// 3 One-Pieces


I was kind of doubting whether I would bring 3 or 2 dresses/jumpsuits, because I wasn’t sure how much wear I’ll get out of them and they take quite some space in my suitcase, but in the end, I just decided to take them all with me. I love all three pieces, because they’re comfortable and perfect for sunny weather in Rome.

// 2 Shoes


The choice of footwear is completely based on comfort. I really wanted to make sure I could walk on them the entire day without being in excruciating pain. The pair of sneakers are mainly for the traveling and slightly colder days, while I bought the glittery sandals especially with Rome and the upcoming music festivals in mind. I wanted a pair of Summer shoes that were super comfortable (these have some sort of padding in the heel, which is feels like you’re walking on clouds) and also a little fun: the result are these sandals with a little bit of sparkle.

// 2 Bags


According to this packing system, you can bring two bags, so I decided to bring my all-time favorite purse and a little canvas bag. The first is perfect, because my camera and everything else I need fits in there and the second is mainly for when I buy something, so that I can put that in the canvas bag. When I’m not using it, I can keep it neatly-folded in my black purse.

// 1 Bathing Suits


I don’t expect to do a lot of swimming in Rome, but the campsite Boyfriend and I are staying at has a swimming pool, so if the weather is really nice, I’m going to need my bathing suit.

// 1 Piece of Accessory


When it’s really hot outside and I’m moving around a lot, I don’t like to wear a lot of jewelry or something, so for my one accessory, I’m just bringing my sunglasses. They’ll shield my eyes from the Roman sun and they give the right Summer vide to every outfit.

My suitcase is packed (okay, let’s be honest, I’m still super busy with packing and doing laundry and searching my room for the items I want to bring, but I’m getting there) and Monday, Boyfriend and I are flying towards the beautifully sunny capital of Italy. While we’re on our holiday, you don’t have to miss Almost Famous Writer at all, because I will publish on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.




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  1. palettepop says:

    Rome, So much ❤️

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