The Honest Hour #4 // Music Festivals

The first time I visited a music festival, I was thirteen years old. I was in my first year of high school and my Dad took me to Pinkpop, one of the biggest music festivals here in The Netherlands. I was incredibly excited, because some of favorite bands at that time were performing at the festival and I really wanted to see them perform live. Before I went to Pinkpop, I had never been to a concert, let alone a full-blown music festival that lasts three days. But I was going to be with my family who would take care of me, so I didn’t really put too much thought into it and I just went.

I had no idea what to expect. Back then, I didn’t research before I went somewhere, I didn’t spend hours and hours googling until I had learned everything there was to learn about the destination or event I was going to – I just went. So in the middle of the night, my Dad, a whole bunch of family and friends, and me drove all the way to Landgraaf, a tiny village around three hours away from my hometown. Here, I was introduced to a little festival tradition that we like to call “The Night Before”, which basically means we camp out in front of the campsite entrance the entire night, until the organization opens up the gates around 06:00. So there I was, age 13, sitting before closed campsite gates, surrounded by beer in every possible price range and smoke in every possible color – and I absolutely loved it. I was together with my family, listening to great music, staying up way past my bedtime and playing cards until the sun came up.

After that first Pinkpop experience, everything started. My Dad started taking me to more concerts and festivals and when my sister was also 13 years old, she could also come with us. In the end, a solid group of my parents, my sister and my two god-fathers was built and together, we drove out to Antwerp, Amsterdam, Tilburg, Landgraaf, Beuningen and wherever to visit great concerts and music festivals. For me, these moments with my family were some of the happiest I have ever had. When I was younger, I used to mark the future concerts or music festivals in my little diary and counted all the days with bright-colored pens. In some cases, I had to count 180 days until the event and the counting down always made me so excited.

I always went to concerts and music festivals with my family and although I love every second of it, I secretly dreamed of romance. Maybe I would meet this cute guy at a festival set or at the kebabs stand, and we would fall in love and it would be beautiful – but of course fantasies like that are a little too good to be true. Instead, I met a really cute guy during one of my own performances! One of the things that really connects Boyfriend and me, is our love for music, for concerts and for music festivals. So last Summer, we did the entire festival season together and it was simply amazing. A music festival is just so much more fun if you can share it with those you love. Hence, my family’s festival motto: “It doesn’t really matter who’s on stage, as long as those people off-stage are fun”.

The prospect of the upcoming music festival season already makes me so excited and it’s a little different from all the previous seasons I’ve done. My first festival of the season is (oh tradition!) Pinkpop, only this year I’m not going with my family, but with four of my best friends, which is going to be so much fun. Then, the week later, both my family and Boyfriend’s family are going to Best Kept Secret and I’m already dreaming about the food. Over the course of the Summer, I will be going to some other concerts and festivals as a reporter for 3VOOR12 Zeeland (I can call myself a reporter now, how cool is that?!) and in the final week of the Summer break, there’s Lowlands, where also both my family and Boyfriend’s family are going to.

All in all, it will be a very busy, but also really, really fun festival season and I’m already (secretly) counting the days. But of course, this “counting” also entails a lot of preparation and because I love to prep for festivals, I want to share this on Almost Famous Writer! That’s why, in the upcoming weeks, you will find packing lists, fashion posts, essentials posts, must-see artists posts and, of course, festival and concert reviews appearing on the blog. So stay tuned for a lot more talking about festivals…




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