One Year of Blogging… // Almost Famous Writer

Almost Famous Writer is back! After weeks of not writing, publishing and thinking about the online magazine, I’m now ready to return to my favorite creative outlet. The past couple of weeks have been insanely busy, filled with studying principles of pedagogy, writing stylistic analyses of Nolan’s “Memento Mori”, cramming the history of linguistic thought and practicing French grammar and vocabulary. I wanted to focus completely on school, which is why I put Almost Famous Writer on a back burner. But I missed it too much and now that school is over, I’m ready to get back to running this online magazine!

And what is a better time to return to Almost Famous Writer than the site’s first anniversary? That’s right, last weekend, the site celebrated its very first birthday. On May 13, 2015 I published my very first official post on Almost Famous Writer and from that moment on, I started writing and creating more and more, slowly building the online magazine that you read today. My first post was a fashion post, a packing list for spending a couple of days in Edinburgh, Scotland. I loved every minute of creating the post, from writing down the list to searching the internet for the perfect products and creating the banners and titles.

It was such a new way of being creative and I realized it was perfect for me. I realized that I was missing something like this in my life, something creative and something completely my own. That Summer I worked for three months in an office and although I liked the job, I missed a goal, something to work towards. In my spare time, I always read blogs and magazines (both online and offline) and I always knew I wanted to be writer for these kind of creative outlets. And somewhere last year, I decided I wanted my own, something to put all of my creativity and passion in.

And that’s how Almost Famous Writer was born! My Mom helped me to think of title, I started building the website and in no-time, I was ready to write my first post. Since Boyfriend and I were preparing for our trip to Edinburgh, I thought it would be fun to write about it. I used to help my girlfriends with packing, and my Mom and I always loved preparing for holidays, so it felt very natural to write something about that, to try and help people with something as simple as packing their suitcases. Besides that, I also always loved writing about music and films, from reviews to essays. Now that I had no school assignments where I could put that passion into, I thought, “why not put it into my own website?”.

I started writing more and more, until I came to the conclusion I wanted to publish on a regular basis, publishing a couple of times a week. And that’s how the current schedule came to be, both based on my passion for writing and creating, and on keeping a regular schedule for readers. Regularity is one of the most important things in the world of online writing, I have figured. Once I got my schedule up and reading, I noticed this in the amount of people that visited my website, which started to grow every single month. Right now, I have around 600 people visiting my blog and over 800 views per month. When I started, I had around 3 to 5 per day, sometimes more or less, which resulted in around 200 visitors a month. It’s insane and also really, really great to see that more people start coming to my little online magazine and that people enjoy reading it.

And for those people, and hopefully even more people in the future, I am returning to working on Almost Famous Writer full-time, writing and creating all through these Summer months. So keep an eye on Almost Famous Writer, because three articles a week about fashion, music, travel, film and literature are coming your way.



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