“The Jungle Book” (2016) // Film Review

In 1967, the world first met Mowgli, a little boy living in the wild jungle. Here, he befriends dancing bears and protective panthers, while danger lurks everywhere. The film was nominated for an Academy Award and is considered to be one of the classic Disney films.

To be honest, the original film was never one of my favorite Disney films and I think I have watched it once, maybe twice. Nonetheless, I was still intrigued to go and watch the live-action reboot, “The Jungle Book”. The first trailer promised a much darker story and look than the original, plus the film features a collection of great actors voicing the familiar characters.


What I liked most about “The Jungle Book” is the breathtakingly beautiful graphics. They are incredibly realistic and you can imagine yourself walking through the vast, green jungle with Mowgli and Bagheera. The details of both the environments and the animal characters, are lush and colorful, adding to the realistic feel of the film. The animals featured in “The Jungle Book” are fully CGI and you honestly cannot tell the difference. Even if you’re not interested in Disney films or the life-story of a human cub in the jungle, this is still a very interesting film to go watch and enjoy, because of its beautiful look.

Another reason to definitely go watch “The Jungle Book” is the impressive scale of voice actors portraying the animal characters. Ben Kingsley voices the kind and wise panther Bagheera, while Idris Elba features as evil tiger Sheer Khan’s voice. Bill Murray becomes Baloo, the funny, cunning and dancing bear who takes Mowgli in. He brings the iconic song “The Bare Necessities” back to life in the most heart-felt and entertaining way, which definitely brought back some memories from the original film.


Speaking of the original, the 2016 version does feature some references to the animated classic, such as the scene where seductive snake Kaa holds Mowgli captive and hypnotizes him with her eyes. The tone and feel is a lot darker, a feeling which is strengthened by Scarlett Johansson voicing the creature in a very mysterious and almost sensual way. The same goes for the scene where Mowgli encounters the king of the jungle, Louis, who is voiced by Christoper Walken. Whereas in the original film, Louis is just a minor treat to little Mowgli, while in this new version, the king of the jungle is covered in shadows and has nothing but bad intentions. Okay, almost nothing, because Walken does deliver the classic song “I Wanna Be Like You” in the best possible.

Long story short, “The Jungle Book” is a must-see. Even for those who don’t enjoy Disney films, this one is still very much enjoyable, for it’s so breathtakingly beautiful and impressive.




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  1. atthematinee says:

    This was a really good read! Do you ever share your writing on any movie sites? 🙂

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