What To Wear // Music Festivals 2016

Last weekend, the crème de la crème of the music, film and fashion world travelled to the glamorous deserts of California, where the annual Coachella Music & Arts festival takes place. The festival is famous for its musical performances, Leonardo DiCaprio sightings and the parade of models, bloggers and vloggers.

Besides all of that, Coachella ceremonially marks the beginning of the festival season, which means the festival is the place to spot all the hottest trends for the upcoming summer. I have listed 10 trends for the upcoming festival season, inspired by Coachella.

// Crop-Tops

Better known as the epitome of festival wear: the crop top. In many ways, it’s the perfect festival item, as it’s light, casual and playful. In other ways, it’s a very tricky item if you are not blessed with a tight supermodel stomach (like yours truly and the majority of world population). However, you can solve this problem by, for example, wearing something high-waisted so that you cover any insecure areas and can still wear a crop top.

// Crochet

Another staple at festivals: crochet. And not just crochet, but as much crochet as you can handle. As spotted at Coachella, it is now totally fashionable to wear a crochet-dress. Although the item is super airy (which is definitely a plus on hot festival days), but some of might not feel too comfortable by wearing something completely crocheted. No worries,  because crochet tops, shorts, bags and kimonos are also perfect festival wear.

// Fanny Pack

The fanny pack: it’s a trend that still surprises me. At festivals, I can definitely imagine it being practical, as it’s much safer than just wearing a cross-body bag or a backpack. But as a fashion item? I’m not the biggest fan and I prefer to just wear a small bag over my shoulder and in front of my body, but for those why do really like the fanny pack trend, H&M sells some pretty nice ones, with beads and colorful applications.

// High-Waisted Shorts

High-waisted shorts are everywhere at festivals and I really like this trend. It covers up any stomach you might have, but is also gives you a nice, flattering hourglass shape. You can, for example, combine high-waisted shorts with a crop top for a more laid-back look, but you also dress it up a little bit by wearing them with a light blouse. Whereas last year the high-waisted jeans were all the rage, this year you can wear all kinds of high-waisted shorts, such as suede, leather, lace or with a floral pattern, like this one from C&A.

// Halter-neck tops

One of the most spotted items at Coachella was the halter-neck top. It’s a little bit edgy than just your average tank-top and can be worn with pretty much everything, from boyfriend jeans to a long, flowy skirt. With this one from H&M, you are combining both the halter-neck and the crochet trend.

// Suede

One of my personal favorite festival trends, is suede. Jackets and waistcoats with fringes were spotted everywhere at Coachella and although those items are always a little bit too country for me, I love suede shorts or skirts to add some softness to your outfit.

// Slip Dresses

Slip dresses are everywhere at both music festivals and catwalks. It adds a sexy and playful tone to your look, as well as class. You can wear a slip dress with, for example, a leather or denim jacket for a casual feel. Plus, slip dresses are extremely comfortable, so perfect to wear all day at a festival.

// Kimono

Another one of my favorite festival trends: the kimono. I wear kimonos all year around, because they are extremely comfortable and they give your outfit both class and edge. At a festival, you can just wear it over any outfit if you want to protect your shoulders from the sun or when it gets chillier at night – fashionable and practical.

// Chunky Necklace

The most spotted accessory at Coachella was definitely the chunky necklace. You can combine multiple necklaces to create that chunky effect or wear one statement necklace. It’s perfect for a festival outfit, as it’s edgy and you can be done with just one item.

// Dungarees

The last festival trend is also one of my favorite trends, the dungaree. A couple of weeks ago, I bought a burgundy, velvet dungaree and I can’t wait to wear it at a music festival this summer. It’s just the perfect festival item, you just combine with a top or shirt, and you’re done. Quick and simple. Plus, they’re also really comfortable and fun to wear.

These were the 10 trends I spotted at Coachella and I think will be great to wear this upcoming festival season. I’m a festival lover, so you will find more music festival related posts on Almost Famous Writer in the upcoming weeks, including a post about what I keep in my day bag, what I pack for my weekend bag and lists of must-see artists for Pinkpop, Best Kept Secret and Lowlands.




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